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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Pics That Prove a Giggle a Day Keeps the Troubles Away

Some medical experts are using humor as a form of therapy for their patients, as studies have proven that laughter can be a helpful tool for emotional and mental recovery. And because “prevention is better than cure,” maybe finding simple things to laugh about everyday will be good for our wellbeing.

To help you chase the troubles away, Now I’ve Seen Everything collected these 20 photos that could fill your day with giggles and good vibes.

1. “How to follow the signs while riding an elevator”

2. “My mother-in-law bought me a giant spatula so I made a giant burger with it, with two full-size pizzas for the bun.”

3. “My uncle had a heart attack. As you can see he is doing well.”

4. “Son was born 2 days ago. He is not amused.”

5. “My wife caught me doing my best merman impression.”

6. “This clay mask really made me look younger!”

7. “Nice haircut”

8. “My dad found my hair extensions.”

9. “This guy at the NYC Auto Show won my heart.”

10. “I’m a photographer — a maternity shoot I had booked was a no show, so my boyfriend stepped in to make sure the evening wasn’t a waste.”

11. “My wife left me alone with our son during a critical decision. She was less than amused. Dad win.”

12. “I posted this pic of myself on Facebook. This is the reply from my cousin.”

13. “Nike let’s you add labels to the heels. I decided to have fun with it.”

14. “My husband is very creative.”

15. “I start my dream job tomorrow (maternity nursing)! Here’s the cake my boyfriend got me to celebrate.”

16. “My robot vacuum tried to take out the competition today.”

17. “One of my co-workers photos while expecting a baby.”

18. “I present to you fine people, my cat.”

19. “Thrift store find.”

20. “I saw Vin Diesel driving a pink garbage truck.”

Which photo tickled your funny bone the most? What is your favorite photo from the internet that makes you laugh like mad?

Preview photo credit db***650 / Reddit
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