Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

22 Pics That Are Like a Ray of Warm Sunlight on a Stormy Day

study has found that the simple act of smiling can make us feel happier. And there is no quicker and easier way to draw a wide grin on our face than to look at cheerful snaps. After all a sweet photo can speak to us all, regardless of our age, social status or preferences. Because emotions are universal, and nothing captures an authentic feeling better than a perfectly timed photo.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is all about cherishing the pleasant moments of life. And here are 22 pics that will add a generous sprinkle of happiness to your day.

1. ’’I promised her a cake if she pooped on the potty all by herself.’’

2. ’’Today I got hugged by a baby sloth. My life is pretty much complete now.’’

3. “Luna is getting a human.”

4. ’’Totally inseparable since day 1.’’

5. “People were leaving these in the parking lot of the hospital that my mom works at.”

6.“Must touch.”

7. “The kid and cat are in awe of snow.”

8. “My 84-year-old grandmother apologized for having to wear her nightgown in front of us.”

“I said it was no problem, so she immediately offered me one.”

9. Never seen someone so happy eating apples.

10. “How cool, my nana is 80 years young and my rescued pup is 4 years old and they are the best of friends.”

11. “This is supposed to be a fish shaped basket but it is hard to tell with my orange goober in it.”

12. “The jacket is a bit big for her, but she seems to like it anyway.”

13. “My wife made a half cake for my daughter’s half birthday.”

14. “This is my shower frog! I didn’t have the heart to put him outside because it got cold, but now I like him too much to get rid of him.”

15. The most surprising hike

  • The notes read: I hope she will marry me because I’m going to ask her soon. Very soon.

16. “Favorite pic of Strider and Smulder taken the day my daughter came home”

17. “I had a guy come dressed as Santa to take photos with my baby.”

18. ’’I adopted a puppy to help my son with loneliness last year. Best decision ever!’’

19. “3 years ago today, after losing 6 babies, I got my lucky #7!”

20. “Toe fluff is for dippin’.”

21. “Kisses to make her feel better.”

22. ’’The day my grandpa met my new kitten.’’

Have you taken any wholesome pictures? We’d be glad to see more uplifting pics in the comments!

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