Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

10 Myths We Believed for Years That We Can Easily Bust Now

With the coming of winter, our grannies would say to our moms and our moms later would say to us that it’s necessary to put on a hat in winter and that sitting on a cold surface and walking barefoot indoors is not a good idea. But if we look closer, we will see that many of these warnings are based on nothing.

10+ Pics Proving How Dramatically Our Planet Is Different Compared to Centuries Ago

The world is always changing, whether due to human intervention or natural phenomena, yet we are often unaware of it until we compare two images. Things might seem quite different from how they once did. Every site undergoes a physical change, and that transformation leaves a story behind that has to be recounted. Since their discovery, most areas have seen significant alterations, some of which are astonishing to our eyes.

15 Weird Finds That Can Puzzle Sherlock Holmes but Not Internet Users

Perhaps all of us have come across some curious objects with purposes that are really hard to guess. It could be something really old or something that was used by single-discipline specialists. Or perhaps the thing you’ve found looks so puzzling that determining its purpose is almost impossible. Let’s try to guess together what these weird things are that were discovered by Internet users without peeking at the answers.

10+ Hidden Features in Everyday Things You Probably Didn’t Know About

Design is not just about aesthetics, it also involves solving everyday problems through thoughtful and practical solutions. There are many design features that you might use every day without knowing their purpose or how to use them better. In this article, we’ll be exploring ten of these underappreciated design elements and how they can improve your daily life.

15 Curious Facts About Countries That Prove Each Culture Is Truly Unique

A nation’s history, geography, language, and the values of its people, all contribute to its unique culture. And apart from discovering a country’s traditions, it’s also interesting to see events or things that they have which are not so common on our side of the world. We’ve gathered a few curious facts from around the globe, and we hope they will help build a deeper appreciation for each country’s identity.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Make Your Bed Tomorrow Morning

Waking up and making the bed sometimes becomes a task we wish we could put off (or forget about altogether). However, doing so can give a sense of well-being and help people get a good night’s sleep. The thing is, if we don’t do it, we wouldn’t be so wrong either, as it seems that leaving it unattended could have positive health implications.Check out these insights to understand why making your bed might not be such a good idea.

11 Intriguing Facts About Pirates You’ve Always Wondered About

The 18th century was the golden age of pirates, who were roaming the seas across the world and causing havoc. And while they do not exist in that same form anymore, piracy is still existing. You will mostly find them in the South China seas, but in most parts of the world, pirates have ceased to exist. Their existence has been well-documented though and we would like to share some not-so-known things about them.

11 Things That Tend to Clutter Our Homes and Are Worth Getting Rid of Immediately

All of us can probably relate to something like this — you’ve just cleaned your house, organized all your clothes on the shelves, and dusted all surfaces, but just a couple of days pass, and it seems that your house has returned to the state of chaos again with various useless stuff littering your perfectly clean shelves and tabletops. So where is this mess coming from, and how can you combat it? Let’s find out together.

13 Stereotypes from the Past That Have Disappeared or Are Still Present

Every day that goes by brings something new into our world and into our lives. We may not be able to realize that at the exact moment that it’s happening, but we tend to see it a while afterwards. That goes for people, behaviors, stereotypes and even material stuff. It’s great to see that many stereotypes are starting to be erased and it’s amazing to imagine how the world would be without them altogether.

What Various Beauty Standards Exist Worldwide

Despite the universal beauty standards we see in magazines and on social media, every country has its own distinctive characteristics and customs that its population cherish. The cultural differences in what people consider genuinely beautiful may differ all around the world, thus it’s no wonder that each country has its own beauty standards that often differ from the others.

14 Reasons We Should Be Thankful for the Modern World

The saying “everything was way better back then” is a common refrain that suggests that the past was a better time to be alive than the present. However, this saying is often based on nostalgia and a romanticized view of the past, rather than a realistic assessment of the current conditions of the time. Here are 14 facts that demonstrate why this saying doesn’t make sense anymore:

13 Sneaky Things That Can Make You Look Poor Even if You’re Wealthy

Let’s face it, no one wants to look poor. But sometimes, we all have habits or make choices that can give off that impression, even if we’re not actually struggling financially. Don’t worry, it’s easy to turn things around and start looking like the successful and prosperous person you are (or want to be). Here are five things that can make you look poor, and how to fix them:

12 Fascinating Facts About Ancient Civilizations That Even History Lovers Might Not Know

Everything we see from Hollywood about historical events or past civilizations needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Although film sets often include various consultants, historical inaccuracies still arise. Whether because otherwise, plots wouldn’t be as thrilling without treasure hunts or because filmmakers want to emphasize the actors’ beauty, the portrayals sometimes don’t match reality.

13 Highly Used Items We Don’t Even Think of Washing But We Definitely Should

Every single thing that exists on this planet needs to be washed, some more often than others. But we can all agree that we almost never wash some objects, and we don’t even think about washing them. For example, some of the most hated washing chores include cleaning the toilet, the stovetop, and the windows. But there are other, smaller items that we tend to forget about that we are about to remind you that they need cleaning.

20 People Who Lifted the Kitchen Curtain and Shared What Really Happens Inside Restaurants

Paying customers expect their dining experience at restaurants to be good or decent at the very least. But many things happen inside the kitchen before our meals get to the table. Luckily, a few people from the food industry let us in on some of their secrets and showed us interesting scenes that usually occur within their cooking areas.

11 Low Key Differences Between Rich and Poor People You Might Have Missed

We live in a highly judgmental society where people are judged daily about their appearance and their financial status. This is why so many of us want to appear to be wealthier than we actually are by buying expensive things we can’t necessarily afford. But this practise makes us only poorer and creates a massive debt it will take years to pay off. In reality, rich people don’t spend as much money as we think and they live a much more modest life.

15 Secret Tips From Hotel Staff You Need to Know Before Your Next Trip

Although going to a hotel seems very simple and straightforward, they have many tricks up their sleeve. We don’t want our readers to settle for a boring hotel experience. That’s why we went on a quest to find 15 tips that will have you feeling pampered and make sure your money is well spent.

12 Famous Logos That Hide Secrets We Are About to Uncover

A logo is the first thing anyone sees when they look at a certain brand or company. That logo sends a very specific message of who the company is and what it has to offer its customers. It can evoke many emotions based on the colors used and the design that was chosen. And sometimes they hide secret messages and symbols that only if you look super closely you will recognize.

How Beauty Queens From Different Countries Have Changed Over the Last 100 Years

It’s no surprise to anyone that beauty standards have changed throughout history. What is attractive one day is obsolete the next, and that is easily observable in today’s trends. However, this phenomenon was occurring already many years ago, just at a slower pace. Beauty changes depending on your country, people’s traits, and time. If you compare what we understand as beautiful today with what people in the past thought that was, you’ll perceive great contrasts.

The Genius Purpose of Adhesive Tape on Diapers and 4 More Diaper Facts We Were Surprised to Find Out

Disposable diapers have been around for more than 70 years. If you were born after 1949, there’s a good chance you wore them as a baby. The average baby uses ~4,600-4,800 disposable diapers in their first three years of life. Convenience, performance, and easy cleanup are the main reasons why parents all over the world—parents just like you—prefer disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers that sit around soiled until laundry day. A tape allows quickly twist the children’s hygiene item keeping the contents of the diaper inside it after it is removed. But some parents don’t know why there’s also adhesive tape on diapers for older kids. So, why is there a special adhesive tape on diapers? Read more about this feature in this article.