13 Things You May Want to Spend More Money On

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When unwrapping a large amount of money, it is normal to doubt and ask ourselves, “is it really worth spending so much?” There are objects in which the time and use justify the investment, so much so that in the long run, they will have even allowed us to save money because we don’t need to buy the same thing again.

1. Expensive shoes

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It may seem that buying cheap shoes is a fairly reasonable decision. However, shoes purchased at a sale can cost you more than a pair of good quality shoes. Count how much money you spend annually on Band-Aids, foot deodorants, and other foot care-related expenses, and you’ll understand what we mean.

With quality shoes, you can reduce these expenses several times over. As a result, you will not overpay, but, on the contrary, you will save a good amount of money. But most importantly, shoes with a good last will help you avoid serious joint and spine problems. In addition, you will use fewer pedicure services, as you will forget about blisters.

2. Coffee maker

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The average cost of a cup of coffee is 3 USD, and the price of a coffee maker is around 100 USD. At the same time, a coffee capsule costs 20 cents. If every day for a year you prepare a cup of this beverage using a coffee maker, then 1 serving of coffee will cost you only 50 cents, which is 3 times less than the market cost.

In the long run, the more you use this appliance, the cheaper a cup of coffee will be. The conclusion is simple: a coffee maker is a beneficial investment, especially for coffee lovers who, during a single day, can drink several cups of their favorite beverage.

3. Electric toothbrush

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The quality of your teeth cleaning routine directly depends on the time you spend doing it. Dentists recommend brushing for at least 2 minutes, but most people spend less time doing it. It’s not a problem of laziness, but rather people fail to measure time correctly. A timer embedded in a toothbrush can be helpful to know how long you have brushed your teeth.

Studies show that people who use electric toothbrushes have less plaque on their teeth and healthier gums. Consequently, they visit the dentist less frequently. In conclusion, you can save on dental services by buying an electric toothbrush.

4. Basic garments

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So-called fast fashion has made us addicted to affordable clothing. But people often overlook a small detail: these clothes are actually expensive and do not pay off in the long run.

Investing your money in good quality essential clothing is more beneficial and reasonable. Good clothes can stand the test of time and resist the vagaries of fashion. That doesn’t mean you can’t follow trends. Having an excellent essential closet each season can refresh it with current garments without spending much money.

5. Orthopedic mattress

We constantly hear that sleep is important for human health. But even more important is the mattress on which we sleep. An orthopedic mattress can reduce the level of stress, remove pain in the muscles and improve the state of health in general.

On the other hand, a deteriorated mattress can be the cause of a great number of diseases: from joint pain to deterioration of the immune system.

6. Multi-cooker

A multi-cooker is the perfect choice for people who like healthy food but at the same time do not know how to cook or do not have enough time. In addition, nowadays, some modern models can be controlled remotely. That is, literally, the device will prepare food for you, even when you are away from home.

All you need to do is to put the ingredients in advance in the multi-cooker, set the proper mode and follow the process with the help of an application on your smartphone. When you return home, a hot and healthy dinner will await you. Imagine how much you can save on food delivery services. Plus, a multi-cooker consumes less energy than a stove or oven. You’ll get double savings.

7. Water purifying bottle

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Nowadays, almost everyone has a reusable bottle for water, but we suggest you pay attention to its renewed version: a bottle with a built-in filter. Using this device, you will be able to enjoy purified water all day long and, at the same time, not spend a lot of money and not harm the environment.

But when buying the filter, pay attention to its characteristics, as some bottles filter only purified city water, while others can even purify non-potable water —this can be a real discovery for travelers.

8. Leather belt

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A good leather belt may cost several times more than a synthetic leather model, but it will serve you for much longer. Therefore, there is no doubt that a leather accessory is a good investment.

9. Laptop stands

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We all like watching series while lying in bed. Some even work this way. Apparently, everything is fine, but such a habit can lead to constant overheating of your computer and, as a result, it will stop working. With a laptop stand, you can enjoy interesting content without getting out of bed, and, at the same time, you will not damage your device or your pocket.

10. Costly cutting

Cutting with unsharp scissors can split your hair. As a rule of thumb, expensive beauty salons do not cut costs when it comes to buying materials and tools. That’s why the possibility of facing negligence and lack of professionalism is practically zero, so if you don’t want to go back to the salon to “fix” your cut, trust your hair to the professionals and never try to cut costs either.

11. Quality underwear

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Ideally, it is better to have clothes for every occasion, but if your budget is limited, then you may want to buy basic models. Comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics will last longer; moreover, they are easier to combine with other clothes. But poor quality bras and panties made of non-breathable materials can lead to various health problems and unexpected expenses.

12. Vacuum sealer

This miracle device vacuum seals products; frankly, it’s a real find for any home. Just imagine all the food you throw away every day. If you have a vacuum sealer at home, you can extend your favorite products’ shelf life and save a lot on food. On top of everything else, the vacuum sealer also eliminates mixed odors and is indispensable for preserving spices, herbs, and tea.

13. Laser hair removal

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Today there is a multitude of devices for hair removal, but at the same time, most people still prefer waxing. Yes, that procedure is cheaper; laser hair removal, on the other hand, is more expensive and promises to remove unwanted hair in 8-12 sessions.

Therefore, with the help of an obvious calculation, it can be established that laser hair removal is more beneficial in the long run compared to the other alternatives. It is almost painless and, as specialists say, improves skin quality and removes ingrown hairs.

What object have you bought a long time ago that still works?

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