Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

13 Stereotypes from the Past That Have Disappeared or Are Still Present

Every day that goes by brings something new into our world and into our lives. We may not be able to realize that at the exact moment that it’s happening, but we tend to see it a while afterwards. That goes for people, behaviors, stereotypes and even material stuff. It’s great to see that many stereotypes are starting to be erased and it’s amazing to imagine how the world would be without them altogether.

1. A woman can be happy even without a family.

2. Some questions remain the same but the answers differ.

3. There is no specific timetable to get married and have kids.

4. The question about having kids is still present.

5. Parents respect their kids’ perspective.

6. All dog breeds are trendy now.

7. The gender doesn’t matter when it comes to activities.

8. All body shapes are considered beautiful and trendy today.

9. Being a divorced parent doesn’t mean that your life is over.

10. The beauty trends have changed a lot.

11. Girls aren’t taught that they have to be calm all the time.

12. Everyone can be a boss.

13. Women aren’t supposed to be just housekeepers.

Bonus: other things that have massively changed.

1. Ambulances

2. First-aid kits

3. Women’s bath clogs

4. Cosmetic containers

How do you think the world will have changed in 50 years from now? How different will people’s way of thinking be?

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