“What Did She Do to Her Lips?” Jessica Simpson’s Recent Photo Sparks Controversy Among Fans

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During her family getaway, Jessica Simpson confidently showed off her sculpted physique in a minimal bikini. Sharing snapshots from her vacation with fans, the 43-year-old sparked surprise with her transformed appearance, leaving many to remark on her striking change.

Family fun in Cabo.

Jessica couldn’t contain her excitement as she shared with her followers, “2024 Spring Breakin’ with the fam was EPIC! Thank you @tinasimpsonofficial for giving these kiddos memorable moments in Cabo that they will hold close to their precious hearts and cherish for a lifetime!” This heartfelt caption accompanied snapshots from their trip, which showcased her spouse, Eric Johnson, having a blast with their three children: 11-year-old Maxwell, 10-year-old Ace, and 5-year-old Birdie.

Her selfie stirred up conversation among people.

It's quite obvious she pumped them full of helium. Her lips were fine, there was no reason to do this. Why does everybody want to look like they got punched in the mouth?


In a bright and cheerful selfie, Jessica beams with a wide smile, appearing younger than ever. While some showered her with praise for her beauty, others noted a significant transformation. “What...did she do to her lips?” questioned one fan, while another remarked, “She’s altered her lips to the point of being unrecognizable.”

Demi Moore has also been making waves in the headlines recently for her remarkably youthful appearance. Take a look at her photos here.


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