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15 People Share the Absurd Rules of Their Childhood Which They Had to Comply With

Not putting dirty feet up on the couch, not watching TV late at night, or not talking when adults are chatting are some of the rules our parents set when we are little. They help us adapt better and understand what behavior is acceptable and what is not. However, sometimes these rules cross the line into the ridiculous.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we gathered several examples of restrictions that seemed normal in childhood, but which, as we grew up, we realized were nonsense.

  • If the characters in a movie started kissing when we were watching TV, my mother would lose her temper and try to cover the screen with a cushion, and she would cough and make a lot of noise until the scene was over. © Dameunbatido / Reddit
  • We had to announce to the rest of the family any time we were going to use the bathroom, and how long we thought we’d be in there. This was because we only had one bathroom and my father got really mad at us if we interrupted him while he was in there, or if my sister was in there for a long time, as she tended to do when she was a teen. © Mateo Bates / Quora
  • No earphones. Music should be played aloud so that my parents were able to hear it, to make sure it was nothing inappropriate. © Asher Blyz / Quora
  • When I got in trouble I was put on “reading restriction” as a punishment. I loved to read as a kid (still do!) so it was an effective punishment at the time. © CharlieChooper / Reddit
  • I was literally told by my best friends dad I was only allowed to eat popcorn one kernel at a time.... © CallMeRawie / Reddit
  • When I was six my mom told me that if I behaved she would let me skip school on Saturdays and Sundays. One day my teacher said “see ya Monday” and I knew. © missdontcare_ / Reddit
  • No singing at the table, unless it’s a birthday. © ParadiseSold / Reddit

  • I was forced by my mother to take naps until 6th grade. If I didn’t want to take one, I’d have to do a chore for an hour. I got so sick of it once that I told my mom, “I don’t even sleep, I just lay there, why are you still making me take naps?” She replied, “You’re acting like this because you’re tired, now go take a nap.” © ILoveReddit5191 / Reddit
  • I was not allowed to wear pajamas during the day, even when ill. © Babet Becker / Quora

  • Bare skin was not allowed to touch the leather sofa. No shorts, bare feet, tank tops, etc. © SuperBubber / Reddit
  • At my grandfather’s house, kids were not allowed to sit on the living room furniture. We sat on the carpet; the adults got the furniture. To be clear, there was enough furniture for everyone. This wasn’t just the grandkids, either. My two youngest aunts were kids, too—one is a year older than me, one is four years younger. The rule applied to him, too. twcsata / Reddit

What was the most absurd rule you had to follow at home when you were a kid?

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