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4 Ways to Prevent Being Attacked and 4 Easy Techniques to Defend Yourself

Dangers of all kinds exist or have the ability to appear in front of us at any given moment. You might be at the wrong place at the wrong time or might have made a mistake that someone took advantage of. That’s why it’s important to avoid certain mistakes and be prepared for any situation. You might also want to stay until the end of the article and read the bonus parts about different martial arts.

How to try and prevent a dangerous situation.

1. Park your car in reverse.

In a parking lot, back into the spot when you arrive. You’ll be calm and you’ll have enough time to get out of it later on. In contrast, there could be a situation when you need to leave in a hurry, possibly stressed and scared, and it’ll be harder to do if you’re parked head-in.

2. Ask workers not to announce your room number.

When you’re checking in at a hotel, ask the front desk employee to write down your room number on a piece of paper instead of saying it out loud because someone might overhear it. If for some reason they announce it anyway, there’s no shame in asking for another room and explaining that it’s important that no one hears it this time.

3. Carry a door stop.

Unfortunately, hotel locks aren’t always reliable. They could be easy to pick, and in the event that a key gets lost or possibly stolen, the locks aren’t always replaced. So, for extra safety, use a door stopper when you’re taking a shower, sleeping at night, or at all times when you’re inside.

4. Know where to stand in an elevator.

If there’s enough space in the elevator and you can choose where to stand, stand next to the control panel with your back to the sidewall. That way, you’ll be able to see everyone in the elevator as opposed to if you were facing the exit and your back were turned to the people standing behind you. If a suspicious person enters, push as many buttons as possible and get off right away.

How to react in a case of need.

1. Two of the most effective moves.

One of the best moves that will make any giant whimper or drop to their knees is grabbing the wrist. Grab their little finger and their ring finger with one hand, and their middle and index finger with the other and bend the wrist forward.

If you can’t grab your opponent’s hand, hit them with a fist or with a finger between the collarbones or into the Adam’s apple. This will allow you to disorient your opponent enough that it will take them a long time to come back to their senses.

2. What to do if you’re grabbed from behind.

To set yourself free, quickly bend back and try to hit the attacker with the back of your head. It’s OK if you can’t do it: the point is to make the attacker put one of their legs forward.

Now quickly bend down, grab their leg and get up pulling it with you. Now the attacker will lose balance and you will be able to drop even the biggest opponent.

3. What to do if you’re grabbed from the side.

Hit the attacker’s temple, jaw, or nose with an arched move. After this, the attacker will take a few steps back. Now hit them in their belly or chest. Elbow hits are so strong that they will disorient any opponent.

4. What to do if you’re pushed against the wall.

  • If both of the attacker’s arms are up, then straighten your palm and hit them in the armpit.
  • If one of your arms is down, there is a chance you can hit the opponent in their chest, neck, or jaw.
  • But one of the most effective and powerful hits is a hit with your head. Squat a little to be lower than the opponent. Then quickly jump up and hit them in the jaw with your forehead. This move will instantly disorient the attacker and give you a chance to escape.

Bonus 1: A guide to martial arts.

  • Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea. The basic principles of this martial art are courtesy, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, and integrity. The main emphasis in Taekwondo is on fast and accurate kicks.
  • Muay Thai is the national sport and martial art of Thailand. Muay Thai is sometimes referred to as the “art of 8 limbs” as there are 8 points of contact that can be used in combat: punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. Muay Thai techniques can generally be divided into attack, defense, and counter techniques.
  • Judo is another martial art and Olympic sport that originated in Japan. The fact is, Judo does not include punches or kicks, the fight does not use pressure on the joints or weapons.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that originated from the combination of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and Judo. One of the features of Jiu-Jitsu is that the size of the opponent matters very little. A smaller opponent can easily defeat a larger one if he has more skill and experience. Unlike other martial arts that focus on kicking, Jiu-Jitsu focuses on contact holds and the application of chokes and joint manipulation.

Bonus 2: Differences between Kung Fu and Karate

  • Karate stands for “empty hands,” which is directly related to the operative use of the body as a mode of self-defense. Therefore, it’s possible to say that Karate is a specific type of martial art. Furthermore, Karate was originated in Japan and it has been practiced there for about 200 years.
  • Kung Fu refers to any individual achievement or skill obtained by hard work. Also, this discipline doesn’t stand for a specific skill, but rather a variety of skills gained through Chinese martial arts. Moreover, Kung Fu has been practiced in China for 7,000 years.
  • Karate tends to use linear movements, which will take the practitioner directly toward the opponent. Also, karate techniques have sharp movements that have noticeable stop-and-go motions, making them more independent from one another.
  • Kung Fu has circular motions, which shift the practitioner’s weight laterally and make them depend more on their opponent’s movements. Moreover, these techniques seem to flow from one to the next.
  • In Karate, martial artists wear white pants, an overlapping jacket, and a colored belt, which is used to demonstrate a practitioner’s skill level. Also, he or she can go barefoot.
  • In Kung Fu, practitioners wear a top with Chinese frog-style buttons. They can come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, like satin. At the same time, Kung Fu artists wear shoes.

Do you know any martial arts and if you do, do you feel safer walking alone at night now that you have knowledge on how to protect yourself against possible dangers?

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