10 Myths We Believed for Years That We Can Easily Bust Now

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With the coming of winter, our grannies would say to our moms and our moms later would say to us that it’s necessary to put on a hat in winter and that sitting on a cold surface and walking barefoot indoors is not a good idea. But if we look closer, we will see that many of these warnings are based on nothing.

1. You shouldn’t sit on cold surfaces — you’ll freeze your kidneys.

If you sit on a bench at a bus stop or on a not-warmed-up seat of a car, nothing will actually happen to your kidneys. This is because they are located deep in the abdominal cavity, and you need to spend at least several hours in the cold without warm clothes for them to experience hypothermia.

2. You shouldn’t walk barefoot in winter, only in socks.

A child without socks is a nightmare for grannies. However, in fact, experts say that you can and should walk barefoot at home, even if the floor is cold. It’s normal for your feet to get a little cold sometimes.

3. You shouldn’t do sports in the frost.

According to research, the body burns more calories in lower temperatures. Experts believe that you can physically train in any weather, even in snow or rain. The main thing is to dress properly.

4. The best way to warm up is to take a hot shower.

Undoubtedly, a warm bath or shower allows you to warm up quickly. However, a sudden change in temperature can damage our skin and mucous membranes. It is best to drink something warm and not sit still but move.

5. You should wear tights or you might end up with arthritis.

Cold weather itself doesn’t cause arthritis, but it can exacerbate existing symptoms. Scientists have also found that the worsening of joint problems in winter is caused not so much by low temperatures but by changes in atmospheric pressure. However, it is still better to choose warmer tights in order to not feel too chilly.

6. You should walk with your child in any weather.

It seems like our grannies and mothers walked with us in any weather. Generally speaking, if you dress properly, you can walk around in any temperature. However, with small children, it is better to be careful and stay at home if it is below −15°F outside. If you still want to breathe fresh air, take a short walk.

7. You can’t be without a hat outdoors or you might end up with meningitis.

Contrary to popular belief, you can’t get meningitis from a cold. The disease spreads in a very different way. And yet, according to another myth, we lose most of the heat in winter through our heads. This is not entirely true, as we lose heat equally from all parts of the body. Nevertheless, it is still better to wear a hat in cold weather since it’s easy to get otitis.

8. It’s important to warm up your car before driving.

This myth was true some time back. Cars with a carburetor had to be warmed up before driving. Now the design of cars has changed, which is why, even in winter, a car should be warmed up for no longer than 30 seconds, as today’s cars are equipped with sensors that control the temperature.

9. You always gain weight in winter — it’s unavoidable.

Some hibernating animals, such as bears and bats, gain weight before winter. Humans do not gain weight when a season changes. However, there is still a reasonable explanation for this statement. According to research, lack of sunlight can cause cells to store fat more actively. But, as a rule, if you gain weight in winter, it’s only because you move less. According to statistics, people gain about 4-7 pounds in winter.

10. The warmer a child is dressed, the longer they will stay warm.

Whether a child will feel cold or not depends not only on how much clothing they’re wearing but also on what materials they’re made from and whether they are worn correctly. In addition, mobility during a walk plays a significant role — a child sitting in a sled or a stroller, even dressed as a cabbage, can freeze faster than one who builds a snow fortress or rides down a hill.

Please note: This article was updated in December 2021 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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