15+ Coincidences That Really Amused People Online

year ago

Usually, food doesn’t look exactly the way it is advertised on the pack, and valuable things aren’t just lying around on the road. But with a certain probability, anything is possible in this world. So, some online users witnessed these phenomena and decided to capture the proof.
We believe that hotel rooms with a great view exist and that it’s possible to find a window in a plane toilet. And this compilation only proves our highest expectations.

Italian snack looks just as good as what is advertised on the box.

“IKEA in Singapore decided to release a completely black hot dog.”

“Genuinely impressed. Even in slices, it looks just like the packaging. Delicious.”

“The way these 2 separate sheets of cellophane aligned when I dropped them.”

“This tree in my neighborhood has one branch of an apple tree and the rest is a normal tree.”

These petals look like a galaxy.

“The view of the Donau River and a 14th-century castle from my hotel room in Passau, Germany”

“Found this silver box at a Salvation Army shop for 4€. Turns out is solid silver, made by a well-known Danish silversmith around 1800.”

“This happened when I went to spread margarine on my toast.”

“Since we’re sharing our mammoth sunflowers, here’s mine!”

“A wee sparrow somehow got into my granny’s house, and she’s been caring for him. Her cat has also gotten involved and is co-parenting the bird.”

“This is actually a cat tree.”

“I went down an old dirt road where trash was being dumped. One day, I stopped and found a box of money. Mostly dating from the 1700s-1900s. I’ve got some from countries that no longer exist.”

“Think I just hit the avocado jackpot.”

This bookcase was made either by madmen or aliens.

“My mother ordered a pair of shoes off eBay a while back, they never arrived, forgot all about it. They arrived 2 months later with a note saying sorry, here’s a THIRD SHOE as an apology.”

There’s a window in the plane’s toilet.

“Ya, about your product...”

The photos from today’s compilation were taken by regular people that used their cameras at the best possible moment. We’re sure that you must have some photos like these. Share them with us in the comment section below, and we’ll make another cool article.

Preview photo credit m_santana / Twitter


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