14 Celebrities Who Rocked Vintage Dresses on the Red Carpet

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Finding a gorgeous dress to wear on the red carpet or to some other formal event is very exciting for famous women. They can turn to designers so they can wear something no one else has ever worn. And some of them choose to wear vintage dresses that were once shown in fashion shows but never worn in the real world. We gathered 14 breathtaking dresses that, thankfully, didn’t stay locked up in a dark closet forever and were thrown under the bright lights once again.

1. Cardi B wearing a Thierry Mugler piece created in 1995-’96

2. Irina Shayk in Thierry Mugler that was worn on a runway show in 1997

Didier Ferey / KCS / East News

3. While attending the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, Bella Hadid donned the same Jean Paul Gaultier dress that Naomi Campbell wore in 2002.

4. Jamie Lee Curtis wearing a dress Marlene Dietrich wore

Columbia Pictures Corporation / Collection Christophel / East News, © Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection / Getty Images

5. For the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, Bella Hadid chose a vintage Roberto Cavalli dress that Sharon Stone wore in 2013.


6. Cardi B in Thierry Mugler that was worn on a runway show in 1995

7. In 2022 Zendaya brought back to life this striped vintage Valentino gown from 1992.

8. Ariana Grande wearing a 2003 Versace dress

9. Margot Robbie wearing Chanel from 1994

Robyn Beck / AFP / Eastnews, Robyn Beck / AFP / Eastnews

10. The sleeved bodice Dua Lipa is wearing in one of her music videos is a piece from Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1998 collection.

11. Rita Ora in Thierry Mugler worn on a runway show in 1997

Fred Duval / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

12. Lily-Rose Depp wearing a 1992 Chanel dress

13. Reese Witherspoon wearing Christian Dior from his 1955 collection

Emilio Flores / Everett Collection / Eastnews, Everett Collection / Eastnews

14. Kim Kardashian looked like a gorgeous siren when she put on this vintage Alexander MacQueen gown from the fashion collection he presented in 2002.


Do you think that old fashion can be upcycled and worn again today? Do you own any vintage pieces that you’re proud of?


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