11 Mishaps in Our Appearance That Make Us Look a Mess to Those Around Us

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When leaving home, we often peek in the mirror to understand whether our look is okay, whether our T-shirt matches our jeans we are donning, and whether we applied our eyeliner evenly. However, some small things stay out of our attention because we are not used to bothering about them a lot or we hope that no one will notice them. After all, perhaps no one will see that bra strap showing from under the T-shirt. The thing is, people around us notice everything.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything decided to find out what mishaps in our looks can ruin the overall impression.

Inaccurate manicure

Care about hands is normally not limited to only applying nail polish. It’s also about correctly chosen moisturizing products, care for cuticles, and the shape of nails. But sometimes it seems that girls forget that our hands are always seen by others and they simply don’t bother removing cracked nail polish or filing a broken nail.

Folds in the underarms zone

Oftentimes when putting on a piece of clothes we don’t pay attention to how the area of our armpits looks. However, it’s in this zone where those nasty folds can pop up. They can appear in people of different ages, weights, and body shapes. Sometimes it happens due to a wrongly chosen bra — if it’s too small, for example. Also, such folds can be a consequence of reduced muscle tone. In the latter case, special exercises like pushups can help you.

Footwear of the wrong size

It’s a well-known and proven fact that shoes that you are going to wear should be of the right size. We normally don’t have issues with fall or winter footwear, but things are different with summer shoes. Wrongly-chosen summer sandals not only can ruin the overall look but also become a reason for your discomfort and even slight traumas.

Your summer shoes and sandals are too small for you if your toes are pressed and go beyond the borders of the sole. It is said that there should still be some space between the end of your longest toe and the edge of the front of the shoe. The heel should not stick out of the sole either. You should also pay attention to the width — your foot should not be wider than the sole.

Corns and calluses

Another detail that can ruin your look are visible corns and calluses that appear due to harsh friction or pressure on the foot. Oftentimes they also appear due to the wrong size of shoes. To get rid of calluses, you can take regular foot baths and then remove dry skin. However, it’s best to prevent them from forming, which is why experts say shoes should be comfortable right off the bat. Don’t make a purchase in the hope that one day the shoes will be comfortable enough to wear.

Hair sticking out from a hair grip

There is another troublesome hair accessory: a small hair grip. Not only is it difficult to make it fit the look and combine it with other accessories but it can also damage your hair easily. We all are well aware of the situations when our hair got tangled in a grip, clung to it, broke, and even got pulled out.

Burnt skin and tan lines

It’s no secret that one can get an even and perfect tan only by lying on a beach. But let’s get back to our regular life: walking in the park, riding a bike, gardening. All of these activities ends up with us getting tan lines on our bodies. Of course, it looks quite natural but, still, sometimes these lines can ruin the look, especially when you want to don a dress or a top with an open back or with straps.

Moreover, sometimes unwanted tan stays on our face, in the zone that wasn’t protected from the sun with sunglasses. In this situation, you can try to even out your skin tone using proven products. For example, you can exfoliate a more tanned area of skin with a scrub and then apply coconut oil or a mixture of lemon and honey to it, this will make tan lines less visible.

Stains of sweat on clothes

Sweat stains can ruin even the most carefully chosen look. No one is safe from it — once we get a bit too worried or start walking a bit too fast, we instantly get those dark stains under our arms or on our back. If you suffer from excessive sweating, there are several ways to deal with hyperhidrosis. In addition, in the hot season, it is better to wear clothes with deep armholes and from natural breathable fabrics such as linen and cotton, as well as products in black, navy blue, or white (the stains will be less noticeable on them).

Traces of antiperspirant on dark clothes

Alas, an antiperspirant cannot only be a reliable assistant in fighting with sweat and a necessary hygiene product, but also a source of additional trouble. When putting on and removing clothes, chances are high that you’ll stain them with deodorant residue. This gives clothes an unkempt look, especially if you are donning dark colored clothes. In order not to get into such an unpleasant situation, it’s better to apply antiperspirant not before leaving home but in advance, to give the deodorant a chance to dry. If you don’t have much time to wait, you can use a hairdryer.

Smeared red lipstick

Red lipstick always draws attention. It can either help make a bright accent or ruin the overall look. Before applying lipstick to your lips, make sure they are moisturized enough, otherwise, the color will be applied unevenly. Also, it’s better to exfoliate the skin of your lips before applying makeup and use a nourishing balm. After it, make sure to apply a concealer around the lips.

Worn bag handles

Alas, even the most high-quality leather loses its original shine and color over time and gets various scuffs and scratches on it. Bags lose their presentable appearance most often because we use them every day. And while we notice a scratch or a stain on the front of the bag right away, we may not pay attention to the worn handles at all.

Other people, however, will notice this detail on your bag right away. Experts remind us that we should take care of leather things correctly to make them serve longer and replace them on time.

Showing underwear

A protruding thick strap from a bra or a clasp on the back can easily make a woman look sloppy. This also includes the upper part of the underpants, peeking out from under the pants. At least it looks unaesthetic. Therefore, it is important to choose the appropriate underwear for clothing that may pose such risks, for example, a bra with crossed straps on the back or no straps at all.

People tend to make mistakes and ignore small details. Two uneven nails don’t bother them because they will anyway be corrected by a beautician in 2 days. However, these 2 days can create an image of a mess. Reputation is built from small details, that’s why it’s better to spend 5 minutes to remove such mishaps. What details do you pay attention to in others? And what about in yourself?


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