11 Tips About Shoes Your Feet Will Be Thanking You For

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Many people think that the more expensive a pair of shoes is the better it will be than cheaper ones. And while that can be very true in many cases, it also depends on someone’s feet and their unique needs. For example, the mistake most people make is that they don’t know the real size of their shoes and what their feet type is. That’s why we are here to help you get a better understanding of how you should choose your shoes.

1. Platforms might be better than stilettos

In addition to remaining stylish, platform or square heels are much more comfortable than stilettos. Their wide heel has more support and is usually accompanied by a front platform for balance, which favors a less pronounced curvature of the foot and, therefore, causes less pressure and pain in the toes. This type of heel will be easier for you to wear for long hours.

2. Know what type of foot you have

It’s very convenient to know what type of foot you have in order to choose the most comfortable shoes for you. A simple trick to find this out is to immerse your foot in water and then step on a sheet of cardboard.

If you see a full footprint marked, you probably have flat feet, so it’s advisable to buy shoes that prevent the soles from going inward when you step on them. On the other hand, if you have a very pronounced arch, you’ll see a hole in the center of the footprint, which means it’s better to choose shoes that provide more cushioning. If the center of the footprint is only half-full, it means you have a normal foot.

3. Loafers look good with bare ankles

Loafers and cropped pants can be complemented with a blouse or polo neck. A skirt will look perfect with a 3/4-sleeve top. If you want to look airy, choose loafers in pastel colors. Stylists don’t recommend wearing loafers with socks — bare ankles will look much more attractive.

4. Insoles aren’t just for treating foot problems

Another common misconception is that insoles are only for people with foot problems. After all, if you have to stand for a long time during the day, gel pads can be a great relief. However, heel inserts give you added cushioning, which is very convenient when your skin thins with age.

5. Don’t wear the same shoes all the time

We all have a favorite pair of shoes, but no matter how comfortable they are, that doesn’t mean you have to wear them all the time. That may seem more like a fashion statement than anything else, but actually, it has nothing to do with style. It’s a good idea to change shoes every other day to let the sweat dry.

Also, wearing the same pair every day wears out the same areas, especially the inside and the sole, which can cause us to step incorrectly and, therefore, make our feet hurt.

6. Wear sandals the right way

An airy dress or cropped jeans combined with a long cardigan and sandals will make your look a little more elegant. And clothes with a vertical print visually elongate your body.

7. Don’t buy shoes without considering the sole material

We must also keep an eye on the sole, as it plays an important role in our comfort. In order to choose the ideal footwear, we must take into account how we intend to use them. For example, sports shoes must be flexible and shock-absorbing, and if we choose a rubber sole, it will not be flexible in winter.

With this in mind, we’re explaining how to identify some materials:

  • Leather soles are soft and shiny. In addition, they make a loud sound when you tap them with your index finger.
  • Rubber soles are matte in color and hardly make a sound when you tap them with your finger.
  • Polyurethane soles bend without difficulty and the hand doesn’t slip when you run over it.

8. Try on more than just one pair

Our body is not symmetrical. It is common for one foot to be slightly larger than the other, so it’s important to try on shoes on both feet to make sure the pair feels comfortable for both the larger and smaller foot.

9. Don’t only look at the heel

Wearing high heels doesn’t have to be painful. One way to wear high heels without suffering is to avoid thin soles. Thick soles or soles with a bit of a platform will provide more cushioning for the pressure exerted on the soles of the feet.

10. Don’t wear flip-flops for long periods of time

Flip-flops may seem like an obvious choice for comfort in the summer, but it’s really not recommended to wear them for too long. Wearing flip-flops changes the way we walk because they force us to use our toes to keep them in place. In the long run, this can lead to problems.

Instead, you can have a similar summer look without doing as much damage if you choose a pair of sandals with ankle straps and instep support.

11. Pay attention to how high the tops of your shoes are

The combination of boots and dresses has become a classic look. However, it’s very important to choose high-top boots that cover your ankles. Such shoes will make your legs look longer. If you want to tuck your jeans into slim boots, it’s recommended to put on socks over the jeans. This way, you’ll avoid creases on the boots.


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