12 Celebrities Who Proudly Allow Their Silver Hair to Shine Like a Trophy

year ago

Our grey hair has a particular charm to it and it adds maturity and charisma to our face and overall appearance. And several Hollywood celebrities today are choosing to proudly flaunt those grey and white strands instead of dying them. And by looking more confident and stunning than ever, they are influencing us to also display our transforming body instead of pursuing eternal youth.

1. Selma Blair

2. Teri Hatcher

3. Steve Carell

4. Eva Longoria

5. Matt LeBlanc

6. Salma Hayek

7. Carole King

8. Patrick Dempsey

9. Helen Mirren

10. Idris Elba

11. Tia Mowry

12. Hilarie Burton

Which celebrity do you think is beautiful with gray hair? What do you think is the secret to maintaining a vibrant appearance?


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