12 Crazy Random Facts That Will Make You Rethink Life

4 months ago

Life is full of surprises. Even with lots of information in the modern world, there are still many things we never thought about. This includes scientific discoveries and everyday life facts. There’s always something new and unexpected waiting for us.

1. Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like fingerprints.

Scientists look at two main things when studying a tongue print. First, they check the shape of the top part of the tongue because it has its own special shape. Second, they look at the texture of the tongue, which includes all the ridges, wrinkles, seams, and marks on it. These features are unique, just like the ridges on our fingerprints.

Bonus fact: the tongue ranks as one of the most powerful muscles in the human body.

2. Flames don’t cast a shadow.

Flames don’t have a shadow because they are a source of light. This is why a wall or an obstacle where a shadow would be, will be covered in firelight unless there’s a brighter light source.

3. Tape makes matte glass transparent.

When light falls on the rough surface of matte glass, it gets scattered, this is why the glass is dull. The transparent tape has a smoother surface than matte glass, so the light gets less scattered and the glass becomes transparent.

4. Finger skin wrinkles in the water to help make our lives easier.

Wrinkling helps our fingers hold wet objects with better adhesion. And the wrinkles appear because the blood vessels under the skin become narrow.

5. Buddha’s head is covered with 108 snails, not hair.

The ancient legend says: Buddha went for a walk, started meditating, and didn’t notice the Sun go high in the sky and start burning his head. Snails got on his head to protect him from the sun. While the snails cooled his head down, the Sun dried out the snails themselves and they died.

6. People can be really pregnant and not even know it.

This is called a cryptic pregnancy. It’s not very common, but about 1 in 500 people only figure it out halfway through, and 1 in 2,500 only realize when it’s time to have the baby.

7. Mario doesn’t smash anything with his head.

Many people remember Mario the plumber that saves his friend Princess Peach. We’ve always thought he broke things with his head but more attentive fans noticed that Mario always used his fist to do it. And we’ve noticed that the clouds are the exact same shape as the bushes.

8. Animals can be allergic to humans.

They can have allergies to the tiny flakes of our skin called dander. Their allergic reactions are similar to ours, causing problems like difficulty breathing and skin irritation.

9. The Egyptian sphinx has a tail.

Many people have seen the famous face of the sphinx on the pages of history books but few people know that it also has a tail.

10. Mirrors facing each other don’t create infinite reflections.

Every reflection in mirrors facing each other becomes darker, and eventually, it fades away. Mirrors absorb some of the light energy with each reflection. The total number of reflections mirrors can create is limited, usually to a few hundred.

11. Chameleons change their color according to their mood, not the environment around them.

We might have heard since childhood that chameleons change color to blend in with their surroundings, like turning gray on a slate or green on a leaf. Surprisingly, these color changes are actually linked to their mood, temperature, or other factors unrelated to their environment.

12. There’s a trick to using foil and plastic wrap.

On both sides of a box of aluminum foil or plastic wrap, you’ll find perforated tabs. If you punch these tabs in, they hold the foil or wrap in place. This way, you won’t accidentally fling the roll across the kitchen again.

No matter how many books we’ve read or classes attended, there are still countless fascinating facts and unknown things to learn, making each day a new opportunity to uncover surprises and enrich our understanding of the world around us.


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