My MIL Forced Me to Exclude My Mom From My Wedding Day

4 weeks ago

wedding day, even when everything seems perfect, can be full of stress. Sometimes, future family members can add to that stress, making the day more challenging than anticipated. Recently, a newly married woman named July sought support and guidance from us after a troubling incident at her wedding. Her mother-in-law insisted that July’s own mother should not attend the ceremony, leading July to exclude her from the celebration.

The letter she sent us:

Thank you, July, for sharing your touching story with us. In response, we’ve crafted four pieces of advice, aiming to offer guidance and support as you navigate this challenging time.

Here are some advices to make you feel better.

  • Share struggles with your husband openly. Your happiness and being true to yourself are the most important things. Have honest conversations with your husband about how you feel and your worries regarding Clara’s place in your life. Standing up for your happiness and authenticity will bring you more fulfillment and peace of mind in the long run.
  • Apologize to Mama Clara sincerely. Tell her you’re sorry and give her time to respond. When she’s ready, ask to see her or do something together to show you want to fix things. Sending letters or small gifts can also show you care and want to rebuild trust. Healing takes time, so be patient and keep communicating to mend your relationship with your birth mom.
  • Build better relationships between both sides. Encourage open dialogue and empathy between your MIL and Mama Clara to resolve conflicts and create a supportive family environment. Ask your husband to help mediate a conversation focused on mutual respect and acceptance. Embrace diversity and inclusivity within your family to foster understanding and harmony.
  • Create new traditions to bring everyone together. Plan a special event with Mama Clara to heal and reconnect, like a family dinner or a fun outing. Include her in these moments to show your commitment to a loving and inclusive family. Focus on creating new traditions that involve both sides of the family, fostering stronger bonds and unity.

Building open relationships with every family member, especially with MIL, can be challenging. Sometimes, mothers-in-law may not act in the best way. However, it’s important to have discussions and find compromises to improve relationships and create harmony within the family.

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