12 People Who Were Shocked by Strange Discoveries in Their Own Home

3 months ago

Discovering something in an unexpected spot at home can be surprising and even a bit scary. It may seem like magic when you find something where it shouldn’t be. Sometimes, you figure out the reason later, and everything makes sense. Other times, the mystery remains unsolved forever.

  • Once, I was in my bedroom, and I felt something under my foot. I had stepped on it without realizing it. Surprisingly, it turned out to be an old Roman/Greek coin. I had never seen it before, and I lived alone. © Mzilikazi81 / Reddit
  • We purchased a house from an elderly man who had been expanding it for many years. As soon as we moved in, we decided to upgrade the second-floor carpet since it was old and dirty. To our surprise, when we pulled it up, there was another carpet underneath. Then another one. After about three layers of carpets, we discovered roofing shingles. It turned out the man had basically built four walls on top of the roof and covered it all with carpets—no proper structural support or anything. © keileen / Reddit
  • I found an EXACT clone of my watch behind the fridge when I moved it to clean. It’s literally the exact same watch I was wearing on my wrist, which is weird because that watch was my great-grandma’s. It was bought some time in the 1940s and has an unusual art deco design. By some crazy coincidence, the previous renter must have had the same exact vintage watch.
    © Unknown user / Reddit
  • Once, while walking down the stairs, a light bulb suddenly dropped from above, shattering on the step just below me. When I checked all the light sockets near the stairwell, I realized the bulb wouldn’t even fit into any of them. Moreover, it had a strange brown/amber color that I’d never seen before. It remained a mystery because no one could figure out where the light bulb had fallen from. © ladymoon_*** / Reddit
  • One day, I left my garage door open for 10–20 minutes while I was doing yard work in the back. When I returned, my Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine had vanished; someone had stolen it. The thing is that the machine was stolen, but not the bowl needed to make ice cream, as I had left it in the freezer. They didn’t take that, so they wouldn’t be able to make ice cream with it.
    Fast-forward 8 months later, and my wife got me a whole new ice cream machine. Now I have one ice cream maker and two bowls.
    Fast-forward about 6 months after that, I left my garage door open again and walked in to close it. Right in the middle of the garage, I found my original ice cream maker machine. Now, I have two...
    © Stecman / Reddit
  • Once, after shopping, I opened my car door and found a whole, fresh jalapeño pepper on my seat. I hadn’t bought any jalapeños recently, so it was puzzling. I couldn’t figure out how it got there. Someone must have put it there, but... why? I didn’t think anyone there knew me. The mystery of the unexpected jalapeño remained unsolved. © smallberries / Reddit
  • My parents were having a Christmas party at their house for all of our extended family. A group of us began talking about my beloved grandfather, who passed away in 1997—over 10 years before my parents moved into their new house. A few minutes later, someone brought my mom a set of keys they found on the floor. They were really old and did not belong to anyone at the party. After a bit, my mom realized that they were from my grandfather’s house!
    © Jenmcdonald5685 / Reddit
  • I came home from a long day of work to find my toaster on the counter with toaster strudel all cooked and ready to eat. I didn’t have any toaster strudel in my house at the time. I still have no idea how that happened. © meandmybadness / Reddit
  • I came home from a night out with friends. My roommate was already asleep when I arrived. The next day, I woke up to find a glass with flowers in water. I assumed it was from his boyfriend (whom he had been out with that night). The glass sat there for a few days before I finally asked when he was going to get rid of them. He looked at me and said, “Hm. I thought those were yours.” He asked his boyfriend, and I asked my friends. No one remembers getting flowers that night. This was 8 years ago, and we still can’t explain it. © oryomai1 / Reddit
  • My mom, who is a teacher, had an interesting experience once. A student was playing with a peculiar locked box, making it impossible for my mom to put it in the confiscated items bin. Instead, she placed it on top of a cabinet. About an hour later, the box started ringing loudly, and it took some effort to open it.
    It turned out that the student’s parent was a professional chef. The child had gathered every timer in the house, set them for the maximum amount of time, locked them in the box, brought it to school, and played with it, hoping it would get confiscated and make a loud noise. The whole class burst into laughter and excitement. A true agent of chaos! © Cathy-the-Grand / Reddit
  • I came home one day when I was 10 or 11 and found two identical cats staring at each other in the living room. One was mine, and the other wasn’t, but I couldn’t tell which was which. I went into my mom’s room and asked why there were two Freds. She told me that was ridiculous, so I just ignored the situation until she saw for herself. No idea where Fred #2 came from.
    © ablino_rhino / Reddit
  • Underneath my mattress, the lining of it is sort of tearing off. Once, while looking under my bed, I saw a doll nested between the lining and the springs. I made my little brother take it out and throw it away. The scariest part is I’ve never seen nor played with that doll. © Cathlulu / Reddit

Fortunately, findings can be both scary and nice. Sometimes, in the depths of old houses, you might discover little things whose purpose takes a while to figure out.


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