16 People Whose Luck Run Out While Shopping

year ago

Either you shop online or visit your nearest store, marketing tricks can be found anywhere. You might find a package that looks full inside, but when you open it at home you realize that it’s half empty. On the other hand, when you shop online, many times, photos are completely manufactured. That’s why we decided to show you a few examples that might make you go “wow”.

1. “The hiking boots I ordered online look a little different than the picture they provided.”

2. “The expensive sports bra I bought”

3. “I had a lot of a laughs when that inflatable thing came in.”

4. “The ’giant’ fish I ordered vs what I received.”

5. “This can of chips I just bought”

6. “Pretty sure it’s dehydrated. Try adding water.”

7. “My friend bought the mask of Walter White from Breaking Bad.”

8. “A dress vs dressing that could cover a wound.”

9. “Those 2 dots are the cream.”

10. “Extremely chunky knitted blanket...not!”

11. “Just don’t order anything from social media ads.”

12. “I bought some ’accent’ lashes. They look so natural.”

13. “I ordered a dress shirt online and it came with a security tag still attached.”

14. “Dad made the classic mistake of buying something on Amazon without checking the size. We now have 2 10-ft lamps.”

15. “A hair styling doll I bought for my daughter”

16. “Mom ordered steps for the dog. He’s clearly disappointed.”


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