13-Year-Old Bodybuilder Sparks Heated Debate

6 months ago

People on the internet are talking about a 13-year-old bodybuilder named Eric English, and some are saying he looks like the famous character Hulk. Eric’s parents run his lively Instagram, where they share his workout routines and showcase his impressive physical abilities.

This is Eric English.

A 13-year-old who works out at home because he can’t join a gym is getting a lot of attention online. Eric English has a big following on social media and some sponsorship deals. On his personal website, he shares his successful fitness routine, attracting a bunch of gym fans.

Known for looking like the Hulk, Eric has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram who are impressed by his cool fitness moves and strong body. He got into fitness after trying a push-up challenge he saw on YouTube, and he’s been training hard for over a year and a half, looking up to fitness stars like Alex Eubank and David Laid.

Eric’s dad, Christopher, is really proud of how his son consistently works hard to build a strong body. He thinks Eric’s journey can inspire other kids to choose exercise over spending too much time on electronic gadgets in today’s world.

His everyday routine.

In his own little gym at home, Eric works out five days a week because he’s too young for a regular gym. He’s been really persistent and can now lift more than 100 pounds with his upper body. His journey started when his family moved from Fredericton, Canada, to the USA because of health reasons. This move separated him from his older siblings.

Eric is proud of his fit body, but you might not notice it because he usually wears shirts and hoodies. He said, “I currently work out five days a week at home with my own equipment or right outside my house for cardio as I don’t have gym access at the moment.” What he likes the most about sharing his life is seeing his followers make progress and thanking him for being someone they look up to. But it’s not all easy for Eric. There was this one time that really spooked him when a fan reacted in an extreme way.

Social media has its dark side.

But not everything is rainbows and butterflies to Eric. He remembers one specific moment where he got scared by a fan extreme reaction. One boy accused Eric of stealing his girlfriend, insulting him and attributing their breakup to her falling in love with his online presence. He is now aware that social media tends to amplify fan reactions, particularly among the younger audience.

Eric also often receives negative comments on his Instagram posts. “This is not healthy and/or safe to do at this age,” one person said. While others backed-up this point of view, “Doesn’t seem healthy for a little kid to be worried about gains and their physique.”

But it’s not all easy for Eric. There was this one time that really spooked him when a fan reacted in an extreme way. A boy accused Eric of stealing his girlfriend, said mean things, and blamed their breakup on her falling for Eric’s online presence. Now he knows that social media can make fan reactions seem way bigger, especially among younger people.

On his Instagram posts, Eric also gets negative comments. Someone said, “This is not healthy and/or safe to do at this age.” Others agreed, saying, “Doesn’t seem healthy for a little kid to be worried about gains and their physique.”

What specialists have to say.

Dr. Alfred Atanda, who is a doctor for kids’ bones, thinks that cardio exercises are good for kids at any age. He says that doing exercises with your own body weight, like planks, push-ups, and sit-ups, is okay for all ages as long as the child likes doing them.

Dr. Atanda points out that lifting heavy weights is better for teenagers because younger kids have more delicate bones and might get hurt more easily. Dr. Mark Mandel, another doctor for kids, says that even 7 or 8-year-olds can get good results from exercising if the focus isn’t just on losing weight or trying to look a certain way.

To make sure it’s safe, it’s important to watch over your child while they work out. Dr. Mandel also mentions that the old rule about not letting young teenagers do strength training isn’t as strict anymore.

As the debate over the 13-year-old bodybuilding prodigy rages on, stay tuned for our next exclusive feature where we uncover the remarkable journey of a 61-year-old woman who defies age norms, revealing the extraordinary secrets behind her jaw-dropping transformation in just 7 years.

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