15 Beauty Experiments That Didn’t End Well

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At the end of every makeover show, a participant is turned around to face the mirror, and they often start crying because they really love what they look like. Perhaps many of us would want to experience this ourselves. Unfortunately, real life is not like a TV show, and beauty experiments don’t always bring us the results we hope for.

“It was my birthday gift from my husband. I wanted to experience a professional artist. I cried when I saw this.”

“It was supposed to be a ’goth’ look.”

“It’s wild how a really attractive woman can look like this just because of a bad haircut.”

“A makeup artist did me up for a professional photo shoot for a hair salon.”

  • That eyeshadow looks like she smeared coal in your eyes. You could have done better with your own thumbs and a spoon for a mirror. © dillGherkin / Reddit

“I asked for a high skin fade.”

“I went for that shade and got this.”

This is what happens when you try to cut it yourself.

“My roommate tried to touch up my other roommate’s hair.”

“My friend paid money for this.”

“I asked for 3 inches off and she cut off inches. I came home to find out it wasn’t even straight or even.”

“I’m reluctant to call what my wife did to me a haircut. But here it is.”

“I’m a hairstylist and my co-worker cut my hair today. I trust her and I didn’t look at the back until later. My boyfriend said I must have pissed her off to deserve this.”

“When I say, ’Give me bangs,’ I don’t mean this.”

“I got a haircut 3 days before my wedding.”

“I decided to take the plunge and have my eyebrows microbladed. It was a mistake.”

Preview photo credit HolleighLujah / Reddit


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