14 Designers Who Probably Created Their Masterpieces With Their Eyes Closed

4 months ago

Being a designer is a calling, as sometimes they create such unique things that impress with both their beauty and practicality. However, there are also cases where designers might be awarded for the most thoughtless, useless, and simply dreadful design.

“When your jeans are so ripped it looks like you’re relieving yourself on the bench.”

“The handle of this pan is heavier than the pan itself, making it fall over immediately.”

“Either the pipe or someone’s inexperience with tiles created a snake toilet.”

“This cafe is supposed to be called ‘Bunch of Grapes’ and I saw this unreadable logo.”


“’Click here’ in the newspaper”

“Who designed this mouse? I tried it and it’s as uncomfortable as it looks.”

“This bunny chair I saw while window-shopping”

“They almost had something here but now I just laugh when I see them...”

“Merry Christmas and have Great Gentleman.”

“Striped carpet on hotel stairs — they’re hard to use, even after 2 weeks.”

“Practical bathroom”

“This flower print dress.”

’’Red nail stockings.’’

If your eyes are tired of such design, here’s an article where your eyes and nerves can take a break. Here, we have gathered the most thoughtful works of designers.

Preview photo credit 666 / Reddit


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