20+ Makeovers That Made These Women Look Like Fashion Magazine Models

2 years ago

There are times when the best way to lift your spirits is to get a makeover. But since this is not an easy task, and it is best to avoid disasters, turning to a professional stylist is always the best option. Oksana Trunova is a makeup artist and creator of the Beauty Academy, and works together with Olga Tarasova, a stylist. Together they help their clients become more self-confident by paying special attention to each client’s story. One day, these talented professionals started a project called Blind Transformation, which involves many women who are looking to change their image.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we love before and afters, so we put together some examples that might make you call your trusted hairdresser to revamp your style.

1. Natalia

Mathematics teacher. The task was to emphasize femininity and charm.

2. Elena

Store manager and mother of an adult daughter.

3. Natalia

She traveled from another city for the transformation.

4. Elvira

Elvira entered with the words, “I don’t believe in what they do, it can’t be true. I’m a skeptic.” Do you think we were scared? Of course not: that only inflamed us. After turning to the mirror, Elvira cried, and we cried too. It was very touching, as she didn’t recognize herself.

5. Elena

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a postal worker. And she became the most important in her city.

6. Luba

Luba works as a nurse. A few months ago a tragedy happened in her home, and she gave up. But her son gave her this gift to remind her how beautiful she is.

7. Elena

A new look done by professionals was a gift from her son-in-law.

8. Inna

Inna is a businesswoman. She devoted many years to work, completely forgetting about herself. We try to remind her how beautiful she is.

9. Galina

Galina came and said: “Do what you want, I want to be beautiful!”

10. Stanislava

Creative in nature, she draws and does animation as a hobby. She is positive and interesting. We wanted to bring out all the brilliance hidden inside this beautiful girl.

11. Maria

Maria decided to change many things in her life. She started with the image.

12. Elena

Elena had a difficult fate. But I am sure that all the difficulties are in the past. The woman took courage and decided to love herself.

13. Natalia

An extraordinary woman with a deep voice and a great sense of taste. It’s not my style to write about age. But you’d be surprised how good she looks if you knew hers.

14. Valentina

Valentina received her participation in the project as a gift from her children. She is modest and fragile. We wanted to make her image more noticeable and add a little sparkle.

15. Elena

Elena celebrated her birthday with this look. She is a mom of three and a very positive person.

16. Natalia

She kept the same image for many years and was afraid of change.

17. Oksana

She had wanted to join the project for some time and finally decided to make a change.

18. Svetlana

Svetlana wanted drastic changes. I think we did it.

19. Irina

Irina did not recognize herself with the new hairstyle and makeup.

20. Natalia

Exactly 4 years ago, we prepared this beauty for her wedding. And only now Natalia decided to participate in Blind Transformation: she got tired of having such long hair.

21. Irina

Irina has four grandchildren and two daughters. One of them gave her mother a certificate for a professional makeover.

22. Cristina

Mother of two children. Artisan with golden hands, she knits wonderful baby hats.

23. Mariana

She came in with the words, “I want something fun and creative.” And we came up with this image.

24. Ludmila

Ludmila was afraid of becoming a brunette as a result of the experiment.

25. Inna

For a long time, Inna passed by beauty salons. But in the framework of the project, she decided to make significant changes in her image.

Oksana Trunova and Olga Tarasova

When was the last time you surprised everyone with a makeover?

Preview photo credit oxanatrunovamakeup / Instagram


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