15 Adorable Photos Guaranteed to Lift Your Spirits

2 years ago

There are so many cute things around us — think of a tiny bunny, or a kitten, or even both of them playing together. That warm fuzzy feeling that most of us get made scientists wonder what makes someone or something cute. They came to the conclusion that we feel this way when we see baby-like features, even in animals, and it has its roots in evolution.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything aren’t going to theorize any further. Let’s just experience the cuddliness of these 15 photos.

1. “My sweetest boy and I share a birthday, and every year we celebrate together. 35 and 11 today!”

2. “Girlfriend had surgery, Lucy hasn’t left her side for a minute.”

3. “My niece just got a puppy. I think he likes her.”

4. “Our 15-day-old preemie daughter getting discharged from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit”

5. “My great-grandmother and I share a birthday. This was taken on her 100th and my 19th.”

6. “My husband came home early from work. I think they missed him.”

7. “What a difference a week and a lot of love make! Rescued this handsome little guy from a storm drain.”

8. “I was told my chances of having kids after radiation was very slim. 7 years later, my son was born.”

9. “I posted on how I had to make my son a manta ray because I couldn’t afford one for his birthday. Reddit decided to make my son’s birthday the best one ever.”

10. “Born 102 years apart on the same day. My son gets to meet his great-grandma for the first time.”

11. “My neighbor has severe depression. I take Petunia over and that always seems to cheer her up.”

12. “Apparently, I’m pretty comfy.”

13. “The firefighters called my 3-year-old nephew over to meet them. He was over the moon, and it was his birthday.”

14. “My dad and the cat he ’didn’t’ want”

15. “My daughter’s first ponytail”

Which pic made you say “aww” out loud?

Preview photo credit knstauff / Reddit


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