15 Animals That Radiate Sassiness in Every Move They Make

2 years ago

Some animals aren’t the best at hiding their true feelings. If they’re mad, disappointed, or simply tired, they’ll find a way to express that to us. It just so happens that some furry pals were created with an extra dose of attitude, and we can’t help but admire their bluntness. Also, it can be pretty hysterical.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brings you a few animals who are done with humans’ shenanigans.

1. “This is Tater after a walk down the street. She stayed there for about 10 mins. Someone asked if she was okay.”

“Tate was a rescue, we’ve had her for a little over a year. She’s lost 10 lb since we got her. This is her exercising and walking.”

2. “My cat’s expression when she sees my food”

3. “Caught her planning to stab me for being 15 mins late for wet food.”

4. “I woke up to this staring me in the face. He seems angry that I overslept.”

5. “She always does this when I take out the nail clippers.”

6. “My cat reached a whole new level of evil last night.”

7. “I have an angry-looking goldfish, and it’s adorable.”

8. “Vet said she needed to take a little fur off to get rid of a belly mat. Going to sleep with one eye open tonight...”

9. “My cousin said Brownie is a well-behaved dog. I came home to this, and I can’t stop laughing.”

10. “My dog sticks his tongue out when he’s upset.”

11. “Our toilet paper didn’t stand a chance.”

12. “She crawled out of her bed after a nap and just sat there staring at me like this.”

13. “My cat is not impressed, but I am!”

14. “Gave my girlfriend’s cat a smooch on the forehead and he hit me with the most offended look.”

15. “He hates me.”

Which of these pics made you laugh? Do you have a pet with an attitude? If you do, share their pictures with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit AdamBurneyDesign / Reddit


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