15 Baffling Pics That Challenge Your Mind

2 years ago

A bit of good timing here and a tad of luck there, and voilá — a great photo is born. From tree stumps that get mistaken for mountain peaks to people that can seemingly levitate, photography can make us question reality. Fortunately, people aren’t shy about sharing the finest pics they’ve taken online.

Now I’ve Seen Everything leaves you to enjoy and figure out some of the most puzzling pics floating around the Internet.

1. An overturned stump that looks like snowfields on a mountain

2. “This tree resembles broccoli.”

3. “A dog in a blizzard”

4. “The photo of my upside-down cat looks like a right-side-up cat face.”

5. “A 2D building”

6. “This window looks like a painting.”

7. “The way the paint dried in this old bottle looks like a tidal wave.”

8. “I swear my friend was in the boat, but he somehow appears to be in the water.”

9. “This picture of my friend’s daughter makes it seem like she’s levitating and missing both legs.”

10. “Copenhagen’s train station looks like 2 images.”

11. “My cat seems to have misplaced his body somewhere.”

12. “My dog here looks like his mouth is open and closed at the same time.”

13. “My buddy’s cup before our final exam looked quite weird on the table.”

14. “My nephew apparently inherited his dad’s legs.”

15. “I took a photo of the roof that appears to be from space.”

Could you immediately understand what was happening in these photos, or did you have to look at them twice? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Penkala89 / Reddit


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