20 Pics That Can Make You Think Hard About What You Just Saw

2 years ago

Taste is subjective — what can be appealing for someone may not sit well with another person. However, the items on this list go far beyond individual preferences. Their universally “weird” designs will probably leave any onlooker either stumped or scratching their head.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up photos of objects that are so odd, they’ll make you want to know what was going on in their creators’ minds.

1. “I finished a pair of milk jug shoes.”

2. “Just a cake covered in white chocolate teeth...”

3. “This horrible toilet seat”

4. A fly hat was found in an antique store in New Orleans.

5. “This hot dog candle I found”

6. “A hand chair I came across”

7. “’Udderly’ ridiculous”

8. “I came across this homemade lamp at a thrift store.”

9. “Nice car?”

10. “This topiary I came across in the neighborhood during a walk”

11. “Found this at an art festival.”

12. “This horrible headless baby lamp we found in a furniture store near my apartment”

13. “This bike I saw while shopping at a flea market”

14. Security at supermarkets would not appreciate this.

15. These Christmas decorations don’t belong anywhere.

16. “The things you find at thrift stores...”

17. “My aunt found these at an antique shop — $2,500 and they’re all yours!”

18. “A side table I saw at my work”

19. “Never skip leg day!”

20. “I’m a Barbie girl!”

Which design surprised you the most? What would you pick if you had to keep one of these in your house? Leave your comments below.


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