15 Cryptic Objects Internet Users Identified Within Minutes

2 years ago

Humans are curious beings that like being intrigued by things they don’t know and challenging their brains. It is also a way for us to engage our brains into something other than what bothers us on the daily. Even if we don’t know something, we use our cognitive abilities to try and find a solution. That is exactly what happens when we see unknown objects and we try to imagine what someone could be using them for.

Now I’ve Seen Everything unearthed 15 objects that, no matter how good you are at guessing, you won’t find their purpose that easily.

1. “I found this odd set of disposable cutlery (?) in a new flat I just moved into.”

Answer: Clay modelling.

2. “Red and clear rubber toy-like thing found in a playground — what is this thing?”

Answer: “It’s a Lego part. It’s from a Duplo playground set.”

3. “What could this be?”

Answer: “That’s a hole for a vacuum hose. This house, at one point, had a central vacuum.”

4. “Could anyone help me identify this object?”

Answer: “It’s a drying rack for gloves.”

5. “What is this hard, clear, plastic thing?”

Answer: “It WAS a drinking cup or insert that got melted in a dishwasher.”

6. “The person who gifted this doesn’t even know what it is. It appears to have a suction cup and 2 adjusting arms that may hold something.”

Answer: “It’s for drying and filling reusable zip-lock-type bags.”

7. “Found in a deep drawer in my Airbnb, what is this thing?”

Answer: “It’s for drinking Yerba maté or maté; a South American drink, similar to tea. Very good.”

8. “What are these blue reflecting markers for? mounted on a pole, facing the field.”

Answer: They are reflecting the headlights of cars to the fields, so that deer avoids crossing the road. So it’s for safety of cars and animals.

9. “I need some help identifying this object.”

Answer: “It’s for dividing a length into equal parts. Put one point on one end of the thing to be divided, then choose how many parts to divide it into.”

10. “Found in a thrift store: a porcelain plate with a metal bottom. On its side, there is a pipe. What could this be?”

Answer: “It’s a plate warmer for toddlers. Through the pipe, you add hot water, close it up, and it keeps the food warm while the kid eats. As a bonus, the image depicting the characters is put there so as the kid gets closer to finishing the meal, the image is revealed.”

11. “Found at my grandma’s — there are rotating discs inside with numbers imprinted. What is this?”

Answer: “It seems to be a menstrual calendar.”

12. “This mystery item was received as a gift, no packaging. The material is firm foam and has a little give. What is this thing?”

Answer: “It appears to be a neck pillow/stretcher. Here’s a similar one.”

13. “What is this thing?”

Answer: “I have one like that. Use it for breaking up ground beef, turkey, or pork when browning in a pan.”

14. “What is this object?”

Answer: “It’s a mouth harp in a case.”

15. “Friend found both together while diving at Makaha, Hawaii. Orange/brown, hard, and looks like they have layers.”

Answer: I THINK these are plate teeth from a type of fish or ray. These are basically the roof of the mouth. It’s been a while, but I took a class called marine species and environments in college. I remember something like this from that class.

Do you happen to have any of these objects or amenities at your own home? If you do, can you tell us a little bit more about them?

Preview photo credit doublecheekedup123 / Reddit


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