19 Touching Photos That Prove Time Has No Power Over True Love

2 years ago

Some people were truly lucky to meet their soulmate at a very young age. But finding your better half isn’t enough, it takes strength and determination to carry your love throughout the years. And these loving couples can teach us truly valuable lessons about relationship goals.

Now I’ve Seen Everything chose the most touching photos that will make you believe that true love does exist.

1. “My parents in 1980 and 2019”

2. “My parents in 1992. They’ll be celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.”

3. “My parents taking one of the first selfies, 1990s”

4. “1975 vs. 2020. My parents have been married and playing music for over 45 years.”

5. “Together 7 years and she still walks outside to watch me go to work every day. I’m still totally in love with this woman.”

6. “My wife and I met 15 years ago today while standing in line for a waterslide.”

7. Pictures of my parents taken in 1965 and last year

8. “Today is the anniversary of my wife’s passing. As I walked into my shop, I spilled water. She gave me a reminder that today will be just fine.”

9. “My parents, married for 50 years and still going strong!”

10. “I’ve been married 6 years now and this is what makes me happy.”

11. “My parents just got married, and I thought I should share a picture. (I’m the guy in the middle.)”

12. “My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary: They’re wearing the same dress, suit, and flowers as they did 40 years ago.”

13. “My parents met and got married in 1987. They made it through several deployments, 20 moves, and 2 kids.”

14. “To celebrate our 50th anniversary, wife & I recreated our wedding pic. She’s wearing the same dress.”

15. Married within a month of meeting and my mom went blind 10 years in. Dad’s been taking care of her for 30+ years.

16. When my dad was a soldier, he wrote letters to a random girl from Chicago. This year is my parents’ 48th wedding anniversary.

17. 48 years together, and their love is still the same.

18. “65 years ago, when my grandparents got married. They’re still married and hold hands everywhere they go.”

19. “My parents getting married in Yosemite, 1981”

How long have you and your partner been together? What, according to you, is critical when it comes to making a relationship last?

Preview photo credit kitsune-gari / Reddit


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