15 Dazing Things People Have No Explanation For

2 years ago

Some situations are so absurd we can’t help but question whether we’ve entered an alternate dimension. We’re talking about a hospital serving oranges to someone who’s allergic to citrus, for example. Finding an explanation for this and other incidents takes longer than posting about them online, so that’s exactly what folks on social media do.

Now I’ve Seen Everything shows you just how weird things can get in the world.

1. ’’4 beds for 3 cats, and they do this.’’

2. ’’My partner borrowed my car for a few days, and gave it back like this.’’

3. ’’This man proceeded to dig 50+ holes at our local park to indulge his metal detecting hobby.’’

4. ’’The way my stepbrother wears headphones’’

5. “A hard public concrete seat that looks soft.”

6. ’’She was screaming for me to keep putting more in her shirt.’’

7. Who said the gym can’t be fun?

8. ’’One of my professors thought the screen was a whiteboard.’’

9. “I was served oranges, orange juice while in hospital, even though they have me down as allergic to citrus.”

10. ’’I’m a 42-year-old male. I grew up with female cousins — look what they used to do to me.’’

11. ’’My math lecturer wearing an infinite tie version of himself’’

12. “Thought the clock on my microwave was glitching, turns out there’s a cockroach stuck in it.”

13. ’’Should I tell my mom she’s supposed to take the iPad out of the box?’’

14. “Hummus had mold even though it was refrigerated, with an unbroken seal, and bought 1 month before the expiration date.”

15. Very ripped jeans

Do you tend to get annoyed easily by absurd situations that you can’t control? What is your best coping mechanism?

Preview photo credit RegEvrydayNormlFungi / Reddit


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