15+ Examples of Perfect Camouflage That Can Easily Trick Our Eyes

2 years ago

Even people with very good eyesight can sometimes struggle with finding things. It might seem like they are blending into the surroundings perfectly on purpose just to confuse us and mess with our minds. That’s one way to look at it, but we can also be more optimistic and try to see such instances as an opportunity to check our vision and have fun.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything have prepared a few pics that are a perfect example of good camouflage.

1. Ever wonder what a hatched avocado looks like?

2. Sometimes rain transforms trampolines into portals to other dimensions.

3. If it was a real dog, it would actually listen when you’d tell him to stay.

4. A herd of mini dinosaurs strolling around

5. “Dog vortex”

6. “It scared my cousin”

7. This rock made us feel hungry.

8. “My friend’s wife made cookies.”

9. Some delicious sushi rice rolls

10. “Incogni-toe”

11. The first rule of being a cat ninja? Blend in with the wall.

12. “My girlfriend’s phone case blends perfectly into the top of this bar.”

13. “A little disk in the ground covered in dirt”

14. “This is a candle, and it has to be burned on a plate.”

15. “My black cat looks like my white cat’s shadow.”

16. “My gift cards and a tablecloth”

When was the last time you struggled to find something? Do you have a pet that’s good at camouflaging itself? The comments are waiting for your wonderful tales and photos!


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