15+ Expectation vs Reality Pics That Will Give You the Giggles

2 years ago

From items that looked nothing like what was advertised online to recipe attempts that brought out chuckles instead of approving nods — these photos prove that life is indeed full of surprises, including funny ones. Thankfully, some people decided to share the giggles by posting their humorous misfortunes online.

Now I’ve Seen Everything picked out 16 “expectation vs reality” pics that failed so amusingly they elicited more laughter than disappointment.

1. “When you order a spooky shark costume online:”

2. “Going to leave the macarons to the French from now on.”

3. “Winnie the poor...”

4. “The image on the box was slightly exaggerated.”

5. “Turns out ’HeyDudesShoeUSA’ is NOT the official Hey Dude site.”

6. “We were really excited to use a lime from our tree for the first time.”

7. “Looks bad but has a great taste.”

8. “What they wanted vs what they got”

9. “Looks (and tastes) like old bread left in the sun.”

10. “My partner and I tried to make a gingerbread cat for Halloween. I think ours is spookier.”

11. “Cake I ordered vs what arrived”

12. “Someone’s having a problem with geometric shapes.”

13. “My son turned 1 yesterday. This was the topper to his space-themed cake.”

14. “Well, I tried.”

15. “Expectation vs reality — yup, that’s the waistband without any elastic not being able to go past my chest, lol.”

16. “MIL made our toddler a cake for her birthday.”

Which of these photos do you think is the winner of “expectation vs reality” fails? Do you have any similar pics?

Preview photo credit MiaLba / Reddit


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