15 Mysterious Things That Are Not What They Seem

6 months ago

Each of us has had to come across strange items whose purpose is not immediately obvious. In the past, we would have had to rely on advice from friends and acquaintances, but now, all it takes is post a photo of that mysterious thing on the internet, and within an hour, you’ll know what it is.

“My parents were randomly mailed this from an unknown address.”

“Need help, random glass pieces with no identifiable marks recently left to me?”

’’This was a baby shower gift. Is it what I think it is?!’’

  • ’’This is a door silencer. It wraps around and covers the latch on a door so that it doesn’t latch, and the rubber also makes the door open and close silently. The straps go around the doorknob on each side.’’ © jackrats / Reddit

’’What’s this silver tweezy thing with triangle notches?’’

’’I spotted this in a thrift store. It’s a glass object, plugs in, several openings with a central tube.’’

  • ’’It’s an old subwoofer for a computer. Apple used to sell a version back in the day.’’ © fleanine / Reddit

’’I found this bendy rubber object on the ground. No markings or writing. Bends at the middle easily.’’

  • ’’They are ski bones. It holds skis together to make carrying a pair easier.’’ © pike_fly / Reddit

’’What does this plastic cap belong to? The tip comes off and covers a small hole.’’

’’What’s this glass object filled with an unknown liquid? It was found in an early 1900s barn.’’

’’It’s hard and plastic. What is it?!’’

’’What’s this steel wire frame with two glass marbles? It was found in an old garage among various stuff. The marbles can turn inside the frame.’’

’’I found this green rubber on a neck strap. It has no moving parts.’’

’’This brass brooch has a hidden spring and opens like a clothespin. Does anyone recognize this?’’

’’What’s this blue glass thing? It’s about 5 inches high with a hole on top.’’

’’I found it in woods. What is it?’’

  • ’’It’s a toy. You put a paper cap in it and throw it in the air. It pops the cap when it lands.’’ © jackrats / Reddit

“Weird purple plastic object with suction cup on bottoms.”

Could you guess the purpose of these items without the help of internet experts? If you want to test your intuition once again, take a look here.

Preview photo credit blasticinc / Reddit


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