15+ Parents Who Got Too Innovative and Creative

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Parenting is not a piece of cake. In order to keep their kids’ lives interesting, many parents choose to take unconventional decisions which some of us may deem ’cool’. Whether it’s creating amazing Halloween costumes to having a fun family photoshoot, we found many interesting instances to share with you below. Have a look!

1. “Here’s a thing I invented today.”

2. When your childhood is definitely over:

3. To avoid staining the seat

4. “My girlfriend’s father made this table for us.”

5. “My dad was going through old photos recently and found this picture of me on Halloween dressed as Michelangelo. My mom made this costume from scratch.”

6. Just a father and his boy having dinner

7. This mother cares about other passengers.

8. “My son has a new knitted beard!”

9. Here’s one more.

9. They’re unbeatable!

10. A father doing everything he can to feed his child.

11. “My mother made me the 2-year-old outfit and the 39-year-old outfit.”

12. “My mom made my siblings and me blankets made out of my dad’s T-shirts soon after he passed away.”

13. “Year 1 of the Halloween family costume...I somehow convinced the girls that being a princess wasn’t cool and dressing up with Mom and Dad as Oompa-Loompas would be fun!”

14. “My father made it for me as a high school graduation gift.”

15. “It’s nice to be with Mom, but Dad is more interesting.”

BublikKatya / pikabu

16. A fitting slogan

vk26stav / pikabu

17. “Just a normal Friday night with my 56-year-old parents...”

18. “I guess 4.75% isn’t that bad.”

19. “’Curiosity Meets Imagination’. My son is obsessed with our washer so I made this image with him.”

20. Draw on your kids’ shoes to help them understand the correct sides.


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