15 People Who Found Their Look-Alike in Their Family

2 years ago

Finding someone who’s basically a carbon copy of you is beyond fascinating. Thanks to genetics, some people lucked out and discovered their look-alike is related to them. From sharing their father’s laugh to their great-grandmother’s look, it’s like we’re seeing double.

Now I’ve Seen Everything searched across the Internet realm and found proof of how strong genes can be.

1. “I often hear how I look like my grandmother.”

2. “My maternal grandmother and me — genes are funny.”

3. “My mom holding me (1989) vs me holding my son (2017)”

4. “My paternal grandfather and me — I always thought I looked nothing like my dad until I saw his dad.”

5. “My dad holding his niece, Mariam, in 2001 vs me holding my niece, also named Mariam, in 2020”

6. “Great-granddaughter (2021) and great-grandmother (1920), both in their early twenties”

7. “My father and me at the same age, 30 years apart”

8. “My dad’s laugh (1980s) vs mine (2018)”

9. “I think it’s fun to look at my dad at 12 vs me at 12.”

10. “My dad on the right in the 1980s vs me on the left in 2015”

11. “My mom and me — she’s 54, I’m 25.”

12. “Left side: my son at 9 months in 2018, right side: me at 9 months in 1989”

13. “I look exactly like my grandfather when he was my age.”

14. “My grandma Gigi and me.”

15. “Me vs my mom’s yearbook photo (1977)”

Who do you resemble more, your mom or dad? We’d love to see the comparisons in the comments!

Preview photo credit FamilyTighes / Reddit


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