15+ People Who Had Their Fair Share of Fiascos

2 years ago

No matter how much we try to be prepared or be careful in our everyday life, blunders are bound to happen. And instead of sulking about it, we can choose to learn from it or at least have a good laugh out of it. We can also do as these people did, which was to capture the funny mishap in a photo, and share the giggles online.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected 18 pictures from individuals who may have gotten a little too acquainted with word “fiasco.”

1. “So I was shaving, and the electronic razor ran out of battery. And as a direct result...”

2. “My friends’ first time in the Florida sun. It was also their first time using sunscreen spray.”

3. “Wore a thimble so I don’t stab my finger, but the back of the needle went straight through and stabbed me in the finger.”

4. “These screws will definitely work...”

5. “Got a tattoo today, and I am super allergic to adhesives.”

6. “My failed attempt at growing corn.”

7. “Just bought a TV and broke it while mounting it.”

8. “My wife attempted to make me a sandwich for work while keeping an eye on the baby.”

9. “Spent $150 on my first glass blowing class. Promptly dropped the bowl I made after bringing it home.”

10. “My dog, the first time I trusted her outside of the crate.”

11. “We just built a big pergola over our back patio for extra shade.”

12. “I’m a wildlife photographer, and for the last several months I’ve heard an owl while out walking but I had never been able to spot it.”

“Today, I set out with my camera, determined not to come home until I spotted it. After over an hour of listening and looking, this is what I found.”

13. “Someone’s car is behind a 7-foot-tall snowdrift, and there is no other way out besides plowing through it.”

14. “The bottom of the slow cooker pot fell off, spilling 6 liters of hot pineapple juice everywhere.”

15. “I was heading to a job interview and accidentally spilled coffee all over me just before the interview.”

16. “My cat’s favorite flavor was out of stock, so I bought $10 worth of other ones in hopes she would eat them. She didn’t.”

17. “I dropped my keys into a storm drain.”

18. The way this chair lined up with his body

What was the biggest or funniest “fail” that happened to you recently? Do you believe in luck?

Preview photo credit shedontmissme / Reddit


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