15+ People Who Managed to Clean Up Things That Seemed Completely Hopeless

year ago

House cleaning is an inevitable chore we have to carry out daily, weekly, or monthly. But sometimes we just don’t have time or energy for that, so when the right time comes, we have to face the choice of surrendering to the dirt or conquering it by cleaning it up. We hope that you always choose the latter option.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we put together some photos of people who managed to clean up things that seemed completely hopeless.

“30 years of grease and grime are gone.”

“Get these rubber gloves if you have shedding pets.”

“Brass cleaner is worth the investment.”

“I cleaned behind the neglected stove.”

“I cleaned my bathroom faucet knobs. So easy!”

“There was a deep highlighter stain on our carpet. I was desperate since I was moving in a few weeks. I used nail polish remover, and it helped.”

“I hardcore cleaned my oven, and I’ve never felt so satisfied.”

“I finally cleaned my sink. It’s not perfect but good enough.”

“It took a couple of rounds of cleaning, and most of the dirt came off pretty quickly.”

“I stayed at my boyfriend’s apartment while he was away. I don’t think this shower head has been cleaned since his first day there.”

“I power washed for the very first time.”

“I cleaned under the kitchen sink.”

Plug socket, before and after

“It was pretty nasty when it came into my possession. Now it’s like new.”

Satisfying silver cleaning

“I gave my depression dungeon a makeover. But my dog liked the pile of clothes better.”

This sink went from eww to woo!

“My boyfriend cleaned his room only because I was coming over.”

The photos in this article were taken by ordinary people. Maybe you also have a couple of photos that show an interesting cleaning story. Share them in the comments below. And who knows, maybe we’ll use these photos in our future articles!

Preview photo credit Designer_Art_life / Reddit


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