15 People Who Opted for Plastic Surgery and Are Now Obsessed with Their New Look

4 months ago

Each person possesses their unique beauty, yet there are instances when individuals may not feel entirely at ease with their appearance. In an effort to boost their self-esteem, many people opt for plastic surgery to alter aspects they perceive as less flattering. Despite being a significant decision, numerous individuals choose to undergo such procedures and subsequently share their transformation results online.

1. “Rhinoplasty before and after.”

2. “15 days post op.”

3. “Neck Lift: 18 days post surgery. Quite a comical angle. Very pleased with the result.”

4. “Plastic surgeon saved my mental health.”

5. “A little over 3 months post op. Having this surgery completely changed my life and my self-confidence has never been better.”

  • “Genioplasty/Rhinoplasty”

6. “This is my patient. I turned back the clock for her.”

  • “3-D lift, lower blepharoplasty, facial fat transfer, medical diamond dermabrasion of her mouth and laser around the eyes.”

7. “9.5 months post-op from jaw surgery!”

8. “My patient was always horribly teased as a child because of her appearance. Though plastic surgery is not for everyone, she felt it was a right choice for her.”

  • “Rotational endoscopic browlift and mid-facelifts. Facial fat transfer and submental liposuction. Lwer blepharoplasty. Corner lip lift. Witch’s chin repair and bony chin reduction. Revision rhinoplasty”

9. “One month post neck lift.”

10. “Progress of 1 year. I did have some weight loss, but my face is genetically chubby.”

  • “My kybella success story: 8 viles under the chin, and one vile for buccal fat.”

11. “Before and after.”

12. “1ml lip filler, rhinoplasty, liplift”

13. “Very pleased 6 months post lower face and neck lift.”

14. “2 years post op for rhinoplasty and 2 months post op for blepharoplasty and eyebrow lift.”

15. “14 facial procedures in 7 months. Plastic surgery saved my life.”

Some people opt for extreme measures in plastic surgery. One man, for instance, invested more than $100,000 solely in cosmetic procedures to transform himself into Britney Spears. While this may seem unconventional to many, he appears genuinely content with the outcomes and harbors no regrets about his choices.

Preview photo credit HappyCuppiccino / Reddit


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