“This Is Depressing,” Shania Twain, 58, Sparks Controversy with Dramatic New Look

month ago

Shania Twain, who is 58, goes on world tours with her country music shows. She’s always impressed fans with her bright looks and costumes. But recently, she shared a photo that has sparked a lot of discussion.

Recently the country star several times posted a photo of herself with vibrant ink hair. One of them she signed: “Color my hair, do what I dare!”. And in the latest post she added: “Expect me to be coloring my hair, doing what I dare in Vegas, sorry not sorry!!”

Fans were quick to react, seeing the favorite singer in her new look.

Other people were even grateful to Twain for doing experiments with her appearance. Her courage to express herself inspires many.

  • I personally think Shania Twain looks fantastic in her recent selfie. It’s empowering to see someone embrace change and experiment with their look. It’s a great reminder that we all have the freedom to redefine our appearance and express ourselves in new ways. Shania’s confidence and willingness to change up her look is truly inspiring. © _lynnbethany / Instagram

Twain is not the only star who recently experimented with her look and shocked fans with aging backward. Christina Aguilera, 43, seems to have lost 20 years, and stunned people with her new appearance. But sometimes such brave changes are not well accepted. Like Mariah Carey’s dress choice made some people say: “Someone Needs to Remind Her That She’s 54, Not 24.”


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