11 People Who Learned Curious Secrets They Can’t Shake

3 weeks ago

We all have aspects of ourselves that we hide from others, even from those we are closest to. However, some individuals harbor astonishing secrets that would shock anyone if uncovered. From tragic histories to unexpectedly glamorous facets of their lives, the stories in this article cover it all.

  • My grandma recently did a DNA test, and the results helped her find a sister she never knew she had. She found out that this woman had more siblings, and one of them, Edith, was born on the same day and year as my grandma and in the same city. Her parents were sure there was a mix-up because Edith looked nothing like the rest of the family. They even contacted the hospital, but the hospital said this was impossible. We saw the photos and were very surprised — Edith looks just like great-grandma and great-grandpa, and my grandma looks so much like Edith’s family. © lesueurpeas / Reddit
  • Quite a few years ago now, my mom and I googled my ex-best friend’s dad’s name. Turns out he was guilty of three kinds of fraud and money laundering. We had always suspected there was something fishy about him, but we didn’t really know what. © ordinarypsycho / Reddit
  • I knew this guy who had a mental disability that made it so he couldn’t fully function. He went around collecting bottles from trash cans and did a lot of the cleaning and maintenance in the assisted living facility where he stayed. He seemed like a nice guy. From what I was told, he always felt guilty that he didn’t have to pay to live there and wanted to earn his place, so he did everything he could to do so. Years later, we were shocked to discover that he was a multi-millionaire. His parents were extremely wealthy, and when they died, he was left everything, but he wasn’t able to understand what that meant. All he knew was the kind people at the assisted living facility were helping him, so he helped them. © smilingembalmer / Reddit
  • I found out though Google that my Mom took my Dad to court in 1987. They are both dead now, so I can’t ask them why. There’s no other information other than records of the court date. Growing up, I was never under any impression that anything was wrong. I can’t even piece together what could be wrong. In the long run it doesn’t really matter I guess, but it would be nice to know. © stimbus / Reddit
  • One night, my best friend mentioned that his dad has 50 children. He said that his father had multiple different affairs with multiple different women. I think he is still on the run, so he has 50 brothers and sisters, like half brothers and sisters scattered all over the United States. I think one of them tried to contact him on Facebook, but I don’t know. I didn’t want to continue asking more questions. © Realistic-Major-6020 / Reddit
  • I was working in this dining facility in a tourist spot, just me and this retired chef. We were talking one day, doing prep in a commercial kitchen, and he mentions he used to be really good at Frisbee. This 50-something retired, legit 5-star chef, used to manage fine dining at luxury resorts kind of guy. He tells me he won a national championship in freestyle Frisbee back in the day. He picks up a steel mixing bowl and proceeds to do this elaborate set piece performance of freestyle Frisbee. I was literally speechless. © Enoch_Root19 / Reddit
  • A friend of mine told me she ’used to model,’ so randomly I googled her, and it turns out she was a model for Abercrombie a few years ago and has lived in France and New York. She’s done shows for Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, and was on the cover of GQ with Daniel Craig! Mind blown, but I can’t ask her about it because I’d be outing myself as a Google stalker. © sansense / Reddit
  • My grandparents forced my aunt to get an abortion before our family moved to America, rendering her permanently sterile. It finally makes sense why none of the adults talk about having children around her. © chocolate_star / Reddit
  • We’d been dating for about 3 months at the time. She drives a nice car, but doesn’t spend a bunch of money, and I just figured that her dad (in wealth management) had bought it for her as a graduation present or something. After searching online, I found out that my girlfriend’s family owns an oil company and that she has a significant trust fund. She mentioned the oil company etc. about 2 weeks later. I had no idea about any of this when we started dating, but I’m not complaining. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • My grandma is the most down-to-earth woman I have ever met. I knew she’s rich, but I didn’t know what other businesses she owned. I remember her always flying to Macau for business meetings.
    When she passed away, my mom discovered she owned two mountain lands and more lands, to the point where she almost owned a whole province. © blending_kween / Reddit
  • Last year, I found out my dad isn’t actually my biological father. He got my sisters and me those Ancestry DNA kits for Christmas to do for fun as a family, and once we got the results, it showed he wasn’t my biological father. The most messed up thing is that my mom knew the whole time and never told anyone. For 26 years, she kept this a secret and never had any intention of telling the truth. When I confronted her about it, she denied and denied, but once I showed her the results, she finally confessed. She’d had an affair with her college boyfriend while my dad was on a business trip for a couple of months. © __littlespoon__ / Reddit

When family members hide dark secrets, the revelation can dramatically change our perception of reality and our future. In this article, people share shocking truths they discovered about their relatives, resulting in their world being turned upside down.

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