15+ People Who Prove That We Are the Masters of Our Own Appearance

2 years ago

Self-confidence is crucial to living a happy and fulfilled life. It leads to multiple benefits such as less anxiety, greater motivation, and better resilience in handling failures. So if there are things that we can do to build our confidence, we should go for it. These include changing the things that we don’t like about our appearances or taking steps to improve our physique and overall health.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 people who took charge of their bodies, and boosted their confidence by achieving their desired transformations — either through natural means or with the help of surgery.

1. “First goal was to cut fast food for a month. Then I set an additional goal of exercising 30 minutes per day. Lost 130 lb.”

2. “I finally got a breast reduction after years of trying! They removed about 5 pounds and I went from about a DDD to a C.”

“I am 2 weeks post-op and I’ve never felt better. My shoulder pain is gone and my back pain has almost disappeared.”

3. “Otoplasty before and after — finally got the bandage off today after a week!”

4. “I have lost 100+ pounds. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m so mean to myself and have honestly never been able to see the changes.”

5. “Rhinoplasty before/after, 10 days post-op! My nose is straight now, it’s not pointy and not leaning anywhere.”

6. “I lost 75 lb. Officially two-thirds the woman I used to be!”

7. “Lost 85 lb. Initially lost the first 60 lb through keto diet and intermittent fasting. Started lifting on January 2020.”

8. “Upper blepharoplasty ($2.5K) and microblading ($800)”

9. “I see old photos of myself and can’t help but see a different person — around 5.5 years.”

10. “4 months post-op rhinoplasty”

11. “8 mm sliding genioplasty, braces, buccal fat reduction, submental lipo, 1 ml lip filler, and botox — best money I’ve ever spent.”

12. “Lost 86 lb, still ongoing, still a lot to do.”

13. “2 weeks post rhinoplasty surgery. My nose was hit with a baseball when I was 8 years old and I just wanted that fixed. I’m very happy with the results!”

14. Before and after genioplasty

15. “Lost 35 lb doing 18:6! Before starting, I never thought I’d do it.”

16. “6-month update after septorhinoplasty. My nose was leaning to the right so hard that I noticed an improvement right after the surgery.”

17. “Finally clearing up and feel confident to share my journey.”

18. “6 and a half weeks since my chin liposuction. My chin has always been my biggest insecurity, so I definitely feel like a new person.”

What changes would you like to make this year?

Preview photo credit Vaaaanessa / Reddit


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