15 People Who Recreated Pictures in the Most Hilarious and Genius Ways

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They say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and whether you agree or not, there are many people around us who love imitating others. It’s not because they want to make fun of them, but an effort to recreate a picture in a unique way. Sometimes, people like to recreate their own old photos as a way to relive their past and see how much they’ve changed.

1. Celeste Barber mimicking Kendall Jenner.

2. This time Celeste is mirroring Beyonce.

3. Kelly Ripa

4. Everyday fashionistas.

5. That’s what happens when you get too close to a camel.

6. Catherine Zeta-Jones

7. A toddler immitating his uncle.

8. Braids or bread?

9. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

9. One is warm and the other looks freezing.

11. Things don’t always go smoothly.

12. Bindi Irwin

13. Not exactly as the expectation.

14. Bodi Imită doing a great job at copying Zac Efron.

15. Celeste trying to be as smooth as the model.

Have you ever recreated a famous or older picture of yours in a funny or cute way? Which one of the pictures above is your favorite?

Preview photo credit celestebarber_ / Twitter


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