15 People Who Rock the World With Their Special Body Features

year ago

Our differences are what define us and help us shine. But very few are the people who are born with such special features that make them completely stand out from the crowd. And while it might be difficult for some to accept this uniqueness at a young age, they’d learn to flaunt it later on. Because they’ll understand that being different and owning it is an irresistibly charming trait, that attracts others to them like a magnet.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is fascinated by the human body, and even more when it decides to be eccentric and distinctive. And here are some people who were born to be special and would love to show it to the world.

1. ’’My right thumb is unable to bend.’’

2. “Baby Chanco was born with a lot of hair which kept growing. This is her at 7 months old.”

3. “I was cursed with a belly button that sticks out through my shirts.”

4. “Rare case of arachnodactyly”

5. “My right eye is split vertically brown on one side and green on the other. As a baby it was blue and brown.”

6. “My friend’s palms only have one line going through them.”

7. “One side of my facial hair turns into a swirl near my cheekbone.”

8. “I have a rare skin condition that allows me to draw on myself (dermatographia).”

9. ’’Here’s me! I was born with 3 fingers.’’

10. “A friend of mine can grab things backward.”

11. “My extraordinarily flat feet”

12. “My genetically pushed back knuckles on my left hand”

13. ’’A birthmark developed under the skin on my right ring finger.’’

14. “My arm/elbow does this.”

15. “I have a natural elf ear.”

16. “Was born with some extra skin on my ear, so I figured it had to be done.”

17. ’’My ring finger goes ghostly white when I’m cold.’’

Do you have any extraordinary feature on your body that the whole world might like to see? If so, please feel free to share your photos with us.


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