15+ People Who Showed How Accidental Art Can Be Found Anywhere Around Us

2 years ago

Most art is created by people who pour their soul and personality into their creations. However, this isn’t the only way art can be made since accidents happen often, and their consequences are very pleasant. That’s why we should look around and keep on cherishing everything that surrounds us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to remind you that art is everywhere as long as we keep our eyes open.

1. “She chose the wrong place to take a nap.”

2. “The reflection in the glass reflects a distorted city.”

3. “Patchwork on the streets reminds me of abstract expressionism.”

4. Yin & Yang cats

5. “This is how an AI sees a sunset.”

6. “Extra thick cream in my coffee creates an extra strange pattern.”

7. “This is what forms when you pour molten tin onto the mesh.”

8. This is how a simple computer glitch can create art.

9. Sometimes, it only takes sunshine and flowers to create a lovely natural design.

10. “This vinyl sticker cracked and peeled looking like some black and white painting of a tree.”

11. “The way these icicles have curved in with the snow”

12. “Shadow created by 4 different colored lights above these flowers that my lover gave me”

13. “My tea’s shadow from the sunrise in a glass cup”

14. “Earth’s blue jacket lost a feather.”

15. “The way my charging cord unraveled”

16. “This print my dusty jeans made”

17. “These very detailed silhouettes of weeds from sunlight against a white car”

18. This isn’t a cinema viewing. It’s the aftermath of a tornado ripping the cinema screen.

What is the most wonderful accidental art creation you’ve ever seen? Was it something in nature or created at home?

Preview photo credit youtbuddcody / reddit


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