15 People Who Suddenly Found Themselves in a Real Life Comedy Skit

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Sometimes, we encounter situations that make us feel like we’re living in one big comedy. For example, when we get ourselves into — or witness — funny accidents, or when we come up with hilarious solutions to certain predicaments.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 15 comical pictures that depict real-life scenes, and we think that they can serve as inspiration for future comedy sketches.

1. “Note to self: Don’t open up cornflour bag like a bag of chips.”

2. “How I told my husband I accidentally shrank his favorite wool sweater”

3. “I have a bit of loose skin after a 70 kg weight loss.”

4. “After my heart surgery, I jokingly said to my sister that I could use an Apple Watch, because of its heart rate monitor. She delivered.”

5. “Apparently my robot vacuum is on strike. Found it in the bathroom, where it used the door stopper to shut itself off.”

6. “Everyone kept hitting their heads as they walked down my stairs, so I hung a sign as a warning.”

7. “Went to the store and got myself a cool new scarf and head band. Made from the receipt.”

8. “My girlfriend broke up with me and 2 weeks later showed up at my house with this.”

9. “Spent 10 minutes taking pics of my wife. When she was finally happy, I asked her to return the favor.”

10. “The window was closer than she thought.”

11. “I recently became a dad and put my ’uniform’ on while still at the hospital. I’ve been planning this for a while.”

12. “Was told I looked like a Bratz doll, so I decided to embrace it.”

13. “Told my kids I was building garden beds and they did this.”

14. “This is where my dad chose to have lunch after having eye surgery.”

15. “The guys who came to fix my car are watching a tutorial.... to fix the car.”

Do you think of yourself as a funny person? Let’s hear your favorite joke!

Preview photo credit pat_gatt / Reddit


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