15+ Things That Looked Completely Different Until We Paid Closer Attention

2 years ago

They say that reality is constructed by our brains depending on what each of us tends to think. That’s why when we see a highly confusing picture, 2 different people might see 2 separate things. But, maybe some pictures are universally perceived the same way and everyone is seeing the same thing. So, basically everyone is confused in the exact same manner.

Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to check whether your eyes will be deceived too by these 16 pictures that need some closer attention.

1. “Ho Ho Hold up.”

2. “I ripped my carpet and placed some googly eyes on it. No, just a panorama picture fail!”

3. This recycling bin likes to play tricks.

4. “This photo I took of a woman makes her arm look very long.”

5. “The longest umbrella ever made.”

6. “After 6 cans of green spray my son turned into a plastic soldier.”

7. Someone just stole the wheel of this bicycle. Now it looks like it is melting into the concrete.

8. “This yam looks like a human hand.”

9. This kitty has a giant leg! Not.

10. When you clean out the table saw after a few jobs and it looks like the finest corned beef sandwich.

11. “New clear bellybutton ring.”

12. “My doggo lost his head.”

13. These tofu cubes look more like a complicated dice game.

14. “I, for one, welcome our robot overlords: my cat.”

15. “A hole on a door at my work looks like something out of a movie.”

16. A cat’s floating head.

Did you ever see something that looked like something other than what it actually was? And if so, what was it?


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