15 People Who Took the Plunge and Changed Their Hairstyles, and They Couldn’t Be Happier

2 years ago

Something as simple as a new haircut can boost your confidence and finally keep bad hair days at bay. Cutting a few inches of your hair or dying it a bright color is the easiest way to feel like a new person. In fact, the average woman changes her hair about 150 times in her lifetime, so it comes as no surprise that sometimes going to a hair salon is just what the doctor ordered.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t take our eyes off these gorgeous women who changed their hairstyles and now look even more stunning.

1. “Happy with a big change.”

2. “Went brunette today after 6 years.”

3. “I recently lost a lot of weight and it’s given me the confidence to experiment more with my look.”

4. “I keep coming back to the shag.”

5. “I tried to embrace my gray in my 30s... Caved after 7 weeks.”

6. “Finally cut my hair short! For years I had a bob haircut and was getting tired of it.”

7. “I cut my own bangs! Better than I expected, but still have a lot to learn.”

8. “I cut bangs myself. Better?”

9. “I went darkish for the first time in years!”

10. “I was scared, but I did the big chop and I actually love it.”

11. “Back to brunette!”

12. “A little update to my locks.”

13. “From black hair to dreamy lavender in a day.”

14. “Just cut my hair and it’s the shortest it’s been in over 10 years.”

15. “Year 2 of 4 for growing my hair out for a Sailor Jupiter cosplay I have planned and my hair has never been this healthy.”

What is the boldest hair experiment you’ve ever tried? Do you have a photo of that transformation that you can share with us in the comments?

Preview photo credit NectarineAgitated728 / Reddit


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