17 Men Who Gave Grooming a Chance and Didn’t Regret It

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Some people would say that men care more than women do about their hair nowadays. That seems perfectly normal since men are now more free to experiment with their hair, cutting and dyeing it any way they want. Grooming is now an everyday habit that most men have adopted, and not because society wants them to look a certain way, but because they want to maintain a specific look.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t take our eyes off these 17 men who chose to trust their barbers with a huge change.

1. “16 vs 22 — a bit of self-care and attention to grooming goes a long way.”

2. “First time ever going to a salon. How’d they do?”

3. “Finally decided to go to the barber after a period of no self-care.”

4. “Before and after (5 years)”

5. “First real haircut in 2 years, what do you think?”

6. “I’m a scientist and have been able to grow out my hair. I’m interviewing for an analyst position.”

7. “I lopped off my mane.”

8. “Cut my hair with some advice from a helpful Redditor.”

9. “I guess you could call this ’Ragnarok,’ 10 years and 3 donations.”

10. “I donated my hair a few weeks ago. First time doing it.”

11. “Gave all my hair to Locks of Love.”

12. “Spent over 2 years growing my hair. Donated it in 13-inch locks in my daughter’s name.”

13. “I’ve been growing my hair out since January of 2018, and this week I finally chopped it all off.”

14. “Chopped my hair off after 7 years.”

15. “It’s amazing what a haircut can do.”

16. “I miss them already.”

17. “I cut my hair today. Feels fresh.”

Have you ever made such a tremendous transformation? Was it because you wanted to donate your hair or because you wanted a change?

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