15 Couples Who Will Make You Believe in True Love

2 years ago

From celebrating their first anniversary to being together for over 70 years, these people are truly lucky to have found their better halves. And what’s more important, they’re willing to do all it takes to cherish and nourish their love throughout the years.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we couldn’t help but smile as we scrolled through photos of these 15 loving couples who are an inspiration to us all.

1. “My wife and I had our wedding celebration this weekend.”

2. “Wedding day vs 1st anniversary”

3. “My grandparents on their wedding day, 1947”

4. “How it started vs how it’s going, 2009-2020”

5. “My husband made this book-holder-opener for me to ease hand cramping.”

6. “Grandpa hardly made it a day without her after 77 years together.”

7. “I don’t live with my partner yet, but I painted him and it hangs above my bed so I can see him every day.”

8. “A pic from our first date 30 years ago vs us now (married for 24 years)”

9. Photos of the same couple, taken 50 years apart

10. “My hands were shaking, so my sweet husband of 24 years painted them for me.”

11. “15 years together, but their love is the same.”

12. The glow of true love

13. “I give you our first date and twentieth-anniversary photos. She smooths out all the rough spots of life.”

14. “Two years ago, my husband and I celebrated our wedding.”

15. “At the top, my wife and me in 2008, after I’d driven from NYC to Chicago to visit her for the first time. At the bottom, our wedding day in 2018”

How long have you and your partner been together? How did you two meet? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

Preview photo credit FinallyZoey23 / Reddit


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