15 People Who Wish They Could Reverse Their Makeovers

year ago

Whether you go to a salon or trust a loved one, changing your appearance can be scary. Our today’s heroes took the leap of faith but unfortunately regretted it later. They were strong enough though to laugh at these situations and, we hope, felt better after that.

1. “First time getting gel done, should I ask them to fix it?!”

2. “My mother took up a haircutting course 9 years ago. With just little practice she confidently lured my brother in for a haircut.”

3. “My hairdresser decided to turn me into Will from Stranger Things. Now I’m in the bathroom begging for my hair to grow faster.”

4. “Paid almost $700 for this patchy, uneven balayage that took 10 hours. Will it be possible to demand a refund?”

5. “My local barbers. Asked for an inch off the length and a bread trim.”

6. “Botched uneven brows, done 48 hours ago.”

7. “I went to a hair salon to dye my hair red, paid just over $200 for this procedure, and when I got home, I realized multiple spots were missed, and the cut was uneven.”

8. “I think I got a bad haircut/layers. Am I right, or am I just psyching myself out?”

9. “I told the woman only to use clear and black nail polish for the edges, but she painted almost half of each nail black.”

10. “Let my friend cut my hair...”

11. “I just had a microblading session a couple of days ago, and it is horrible. My eyebrows have gone pitch black, and I can’t even leave my house looking like that!”

12. “I asked for long layers. Please help 😭”

13. When the stylist says “I’m having a tough time with your hairline!”

14. “I can’t tell if these look bad or if I’m overreacting. I just got these done yesterday, and the strokes look so long and straight!”

15. “This is after the first cut where I saw how uneven it was vs. After the ’fix.’”

Preview photo credit SaltyFaithlessness48 Reddit


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