16 Brides Who Did Not Run Headlong Through Boutiques, and Said “Yes” To The DIY Dress

7 months ago

Some brides create their own beautiful wedding dresses without spending too much. They have a talent for making things and love putting their personal style into their gowns. Using affordable materials, they design unique dresses that tell their own love stories. These smart brides show that you don’t need a lot of money to have a stunning wedding dress that’s just right for you.

“I made my wedding dress!”

“Sharing the final results. DIY wedding dress alterations.”

“I did it! My first recut, hand-embellished wedding dress project.”

“I crocheted my own wedding dress! 21 days, 121 hours, 79,000+ stitches.”

  • 21 days!?! That’s incredible!! And the dress is gorgeous, it drapes so beautifully. © ienaer/ Reddit

The dress of a craftswoman

“Never got my ’yes to the dress’ moment — I made my dress!”

“I had fun making this dress and it’s great to share it with a community of fellow crafters.”

“It’s finally ready!”

“I made my wedding dress (and bridesmaids’ dresses).”

“Making my own wedding dress...still needs hemming and small adjustments.”

“Even though we did a basic town hall wedding, I made my own wedding dress!”

“I made my own version of the Galia Lahav wedding dress!”

This girl’s dress was made by her mom, and it’s very unusual.

“I crocheted my own wedding dress!”

“I made my wedding dresses — here’s the reception dress.”

“Crocheted my wedding dress. Details in the comments.”

These crafty brides exemplify the power of craftsmanship, showcasing that a captivating wedding gown need not come with an exorbitant price tag.

Preview photo credit BetsyBoodles / Reddit


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